New Online Math Tutoring Center Helps Students Learn, Laugh (and Live) With Math

New online math tutoring center helps students of all learning styles, including students with learning disabilities, learn math. Find a wide range of math resources, free videos and online instructional options at

Parents of homeschooled students, math teachers, and students with learning disabilities who need online math teaching, videos, lessons and differentiated instructional techniques can now find online math tutoring and homework help by The HomeworkLounge, a unique online math center run by Erin Smilkstein, MA.Ed, an educational specialist and speaker. The signup page detailing full service availability and pricing can be found here:

Online math tutoring and homework help address the most common issues faced by parents and teachers who have students with learning disabilities or children who find math challenging to understand. “Students with learning differences often grasp concepts in different ways,” says Erin Smilkstein, MA.Ed, the founder of, “and they often need to see information presented in a way that is unique to their learning style in order to make sense of it.” This unique approach to mathematics has made dramatic differences in children’s lives. “They finally feel like they get it, and for some, it’s the first time they have ever felt ‘smart.’”

The services include:

Full video library – Over 50 videos on math subjects from multiplication facts to integer and fraction operations, including Smartiply, the Genius Times Table Technique, using an unique approach that makes math easy to understand and explain.

Live tutoring and professional instruction – Online sessions with a top math specialists can help students not only increase scores, but also boost self-confidence and enjoyment of math. Clients come to The Homework Lounge to work directly on math skills and homework, get academic assessments or consult with Ms. Smilkstein on ways to improve a child’s math accommodations and learning experience either in a school environment or at home.

Interactive math tutoring – The virtual online tutoring environment is impressive, using online whiteboard software, assignment uploads for customized learning experiences and live video interaction. Students find the combination of the flexibility of online tutoring with added benefit of real time help and one-on-one sessions to make a lasting impact on their math skills.

Erin Smilkstein adds, “Tutoring is a huge part of the learning process now, but what makes a huge difference to students who learn differently is having somebody who understands both the math and the emotions of learning.”

Those interested in learning more about the company can do so on the company website at and this video.

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