New Omnikron Webinar: Future-Proof Your Workplace with author Dr. Linda Sharkey

Omnikron hosts Dr. Linda Sharkey as she presents a "success blueprint" for future-proofing the organization in a world of fast-paced change, dizzying tech advancements, shifting demographics and corporate upheaval.

Announcing another timely entry in Omnikron’s ongoing webinar series: How to Future-Proof Your Workplace. Speaker, bestselling author and transformation expert Dr. Linda Sharkey presents this webinar which draws on material gleaned from her newest book, The Future-Proof Workplace. The web broadcast is being held on May 24th at 9:00 a.m. PST, 11:00 a.m. CST, 12:00 p.m. EST and everyone is invited. Registration is free, here: There are 100 seats available, first come, first serve.

Yesterday’s “work-think” no longer applies in today’s world of lightening-paced change. Globalization is shrinking the world, demographics are constantly shifting, and technology unheard of just 10 years ago is changing how people work and interact. In fact, the future of work is not next year, next month or tomorrow … it’s happening right here, right now.

Omnikron invites participants to participate in the webinar for a fascinating “think tank” as Dr. Sharkey discusses the future-proof workplace, and provides real-life examples, strategies and recommendations to our growing group of friends and fans. Attendees will discover the factors that are most critical to success when future-proofing an organization – including new approaches to everything from talent development and company culture to leadership, technology, changing workplace demographics, and more.

“We are extremely lucky to have Dr. Sharkey present for us … I met Dr. Sharkey personally in London at the Thinkers50 Awards Gala last November, her smart perspectives are timely for us all,” Omnikron president Robin Borough commented. “We are actually using her findings and advice to work on ‘future-proofing’ Omnikron!”

Dr. Linda Sharkey is a transformational expert, acclaimed author, keynote speaker, and global leadership development coach. She has worked extensively with Fortune 50 companies, and held senior HR positions at Hewlett-Packard and at GE Capital. She is the co-author of The Future-Proof Workplace – Six Strategies to Accelerate Talent Development, Reshape Your Culture, and Succeed with Purpose (Wiley, 2017). Her co-authored book Winning With Transglobal Leadership was named one of the top 30 best business books for 2013.

Praise for Dr. Linda Sharkey’s The Future-Proof Workplace:

“The Future-Proof Workplace provides the insights you need to ensure your organization is prepared today for the changes that are already upon us.” —Margaret M. Keane, Chief Executive Officer of Synchrony Financial

“Future-Proof is a home run! It challenges us to embrace the most important discussion every leader must have—how to futureproof their organization.” —Jason Jennings, New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author of Think BIG-Act Small,The Reinventors and The High-Speed Company

“The Future-Proof Workplace highlights a subject other management texts avoid—that the nature of work has changed and yet our approach to work, in many cases, has not. This book is packed with stories and practical approaches and solutions to futureproof your organization.” —Jean Elizabeth Lee, Principal, PwC Human Capital Consulting

Corporate leaders, press and bloggers are all invited to this free event. The web broadcast is being held on May 24th at 9:00 a.m. PST, 11:00 a.m. CST, 12:00 p.m. EST and everyone is invited. Registration is free, here:

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