New Natural Total Body Cleanse and Quick Toxins Remover Revealed

Total Wellness Cleanse is a new, natural body cleansing system that works quickly to remove poisonous substances from the body, leading to improved health. Cleansing is necessary due to the high number of toxins found in most of the food and water people consume.

Lifestyle diseases are at an all-time high, reaching close to epidemic levels and havebeen attributed to the high number of toxins found in many popular foods. Inresponse, a new natural body cleansing system that rids the body of toxins hasbeen developed and is now available online.

The program is known as The TotalWellness Cleanse and promises a 100 percent nutritious and natural means ofcleansing the body of poisonous substances, resulting in improved endurance,reduced body fat and overall better health. It involves a 30 day total bodycleanse, which incorporates 119 recipes that provide all the essentialnutrients while eliminating all toxins.

Already, a number of customers havebeen heaping praises on the natural body cleanse system since its release tothe public. “Before the cleanse, I’d fight the alarm clock, dread the gym, eat”ok.” Now, I wake up feeling refreshed, ready to start the day. Ihead to the gym on routine now at least 4 times a week. I’m eating so muchbetter. I’m at my goal weight of near 135 pounds and maintaining it. I’ve lostclose to 20 inches,” said Ann Fritz from Michigan in her verified productreview.

Several other customers haveexpressed similar sentiments, noting their satisfaction with the program, whichis also seen as a quick body detox. This is due to the relatively quick resultsthat have been reported, with some customers reporting noticeable changes in aslittle as two weeks.

Creator of the program, YuriElkaim, who is also a health and wellness coach, designed the Total WellnessCleanse after going through a period of illness during his younger years. Hissubsequent studies provided him with knowledge about the high number ofchemicals found in processed foods, in water and genetically modified foods andthe need for a total body cleanse to remove them.

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