New Natural Ear Infection Medicine For Cocker Spaniels & Poodles

Pet owners can now use 100% natural ear drops as a treatment for dogs and cats with ear infections. More information on this alternative to dog ear medicine and ear medication for cats is available at

Pet owners struggling with ear infections in their dogs and cats are raving about Dr Dogs new safe and natural ear drops. Most ear infection medications are painful for dogs and cats but this ear infection treatment provides fast soothing relief and it’s easy to administer.

These ear drops for dogs and cats provide both an alternative to dog ear medicine and an effective treatment for ear mites. Pets with chronic ear infections can experience complete healing in the inner ear tissue caused by recurring infection. With regular application of the ear drops ear infections and mites never return.

Ear infections occur quite commonly in dogs and cats. The ASPCA says “Dogs who are prone to allergies or have floppy ears can be especially vulnerable. These include cocker spaniels, golden retrievers and poodles. Dogs who tend to grow hair in the inner ear canal, such as schnauzers, are also susceptible to ear infections.”

Owners usually spot the infection quickly because their pets ears are red and sore and the animal might whine or whimper or show other signs of discomfort.

One dog owner’s pet had suffered 11 years from chronic ear infections and would whine with pain every time regular dog ear drops were applied. He also hated the antibiotic pills the veterinarian prescribed.

The owner was amazed when Dr Dogs ear drops were applied. His pet liked the treatment and it was obvious his dog was getting instant relief from this completely natural ear infection medication.

Now the dog lays down wagging his tail eagerly waiting for his ear drops when they’re applied on a weekly basis and the 11 year recurring ear infections and the corresponding pain and discomfort are completely gone.

Other pet owners share similar stories of rapid and long term relief for their pets from ear infections and ear mites. And these ear drops are safe and effective for a range of different animals including dogs, cats, horses, birds, cows…even teacup pigs.

More information on Dr Dogs ear drops to treat ear infections and ear mites is available at their website

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