New Nanking Massacre Book Launches Against Net Neutrality Censorship

Brandon Chin is launching his brand new book, “The Nanking Revolution”, available through Amazon targeted at fans of the Historical Fiction world. More information is available at the website:

Author and Novelist, Brandon Chin, is launching his brand new book, “The Nanking Revolution”. The book is currently live, available worldwide and is expected to become a big hit with fans of the Historical Fiction world.

More information on the book can be found here:

This is the fifth book Chin has authored. The book was written to bring attention to the Japanese government’s censorship of the Nanking Massacre in China during World War II. This launch is highly relevant at this time because Net Neutrality is being hotly debated in the USA. With the future of equal access to information online being challenged by powerful companies, Chin believes this is an appropriate time to consider how much control governments should have over the public’s access to online information.

“The Nanking Revolution” sets its main focus on the Japanese invasion and destruction of the city of Nanking, China during World War II. Readers will likely find a particular interest in the alternative history angle, especially the reversal of power during this invasion. The book is being released by Chin’s publishing company, Quil Qin LLC.

Brandon Chin has a background in Japanese cultural studies. This helped shaped the creation of the book.

When asked about why he wrote the book, Chin said: “I found it important to question how much power large entities, such as governments and corporations, should have over the Internet and information available to the public. When you don’t include a massacre in school history curriculum’s when the rest of the world knows, something is wrong. This book represents my effort to speak truth to power.”

Chin has hopes that the book will educate readers on the importance of preserving historical integrity and speaking up when one has the necessary knowledge. This positive outlook from the author is certainly testament to his optimism considering some of the mishaps during its creation. At one point Chin found himself getting angry with the Japanese government for their lack of official acknowledgement of the event. But he eventually settled his mind to finish the book.

In a recent interview, the author made a point of thanking his cousin, Kevin Chin, for his part in the creation of the book, saying: “Thank you, Kevin! Without your aid in securing a rare book located only in Canada, I wouldn’t have been able to finish some of the research.”

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