New My Ride Gripper(tm) Bike Accessory Keeps iPhones & Androids Secure While Bike Riding

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Bike commuters that like to ride, listen to music, use GPS and make cell phone calls are loving the new My Ride Gripper(tm). This new cell phone bike mount holder is the best smartphone dashboard on the market for your bike and or motorcycle.

Arroyo Grande, CA Nov 14, 2014  – My Ride Gripper(tm), a new smart phone mount for bicycles, eliminates many of the problems that plague bicyclists who use their smart phones for a variety of reasons during their commutes and recreational rides. This new cell phone bike mount is designed to fit a wide range of smart phone models, including most Droids, Androids and the new iPhone 6 holding them securely in place while riding. This new item features a very affordable price which makes the My Ride Gripper(tm) an especially welcome addition to holiday gift-giving lists that include bike commuters.

Many bike commuters often complain that typical cell phone bike mounts don’t hold their phones securely or they only hold them in certain orientations. Still other cell phone bike holders don’t fit all types of handlebars. The My Ride Gripper(tm) solves all of those problems and more as it is designed to hug almost all types of smart phones, including Droids, Androids, iPhones and even the new iPhone 6 securely with it’s ratchet grip tight sides and no-slip treading. 

Additionally, the My Ride Gripper(tm) will fit any smart phone that is 2.125 inches to 2.913 inches wide (54mm to 74mm), encompassing most cell phones on the market today. It securely holds all iPhone 3, 4, 5 and 6 models, as well as almost all Android smart phones, including the HTC Droid, Droid 4, Droid Maxx and Samsung Galaxy SIII. It also will hold most popular GPS units and some mini tablets too. The My Ride Gripper(tm) is rugged construction that is built to hold onto devices safely and securely even under some of the bumpiest terrain, an important factor when choosing a holder for high-end devices. 

The My Ride Gripper(tm) has even proven effective for motorcyclists what have thicker handlebars and somewhat more vibration than regular bikes.

This handy bike mount wraps firmly around the edges of the mobile devices, providing protection for cell phones even if it becomes involved in some of the most common types of bike mishaps. The Gripper mounts on just about any type of bike ever made, and can be mounted on the handlebar or on the frame. It can hold the smart phone in either portrait or landscape orientation, making it versatile enough to use with a wide range of apps, including: GPS apps, tracking apps, music apps and more. It can be mounted in an easy to reach “dashboard” position for touch screen use during the ride. 

Unlike many other cell phone bike holders, the My Ride Gripper(tm) installs on the bike in less than a minute, and the double pin quick release mount allows the rider to pop the phone out quickly, easily and simply when the bike is parked. This truly is the best cell phone bike mount holder on the market. The high-quality ABS plastic is tough, rugged and stylish, featuring a bold design with non-slip treads to hold expensive devices firmly without allowing even the slightest slip or slide.Tough, secure and simple to use, the My Ride Gripper(tm) is guaranteed to please any bike commuter who prefers not to leave their smart phone at home when they ride. 

The My Ride Gripper(tm) is sure to be a top favorite for any bike rider this holiday shopping season. It is even sweeter is that this handy little gadget is now available on Amazon Prime too

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