New Movers and Community Guide Connecting Small Businesses To Local Customers

The U.S. Census released a report on how small businesses are faring during the Coronavirus pandemic. During this challenging time, The New Movers and Community Guide is a directory connecting local businesses with customers who want to shop locally.

Today’s small business is in greater need than ever before to connect with local customers who are seeking to shop locally.

The Small Business Pulse Survey Data Release issued the Phase 3 release during November 2020 showing the National Average of affected businesses by the Coronavirus pandemic to be at 29.7%. This percentage is even higher in a variety of locations.

Higher percentages are reflected in a wide range of locations across the country from Hawaii which is at 52%, Illinois at 37.7%, and New York who is at 39.5%.

This statistical data is important showing the strength and weakness in today’s small business world.

“The Small Business Pulse Survey (SBPS) measures the effect of changing business conditions during the Coronavirus pandemic on our nation’s small businesses. SBPS complements existing U.S. Census Bureau data collections by providing high-frequency, detailed information on the challenges small businesses are facing during the Coronavirus pandemic,” from the United States Census Bureau article, “Small Business Pulse Survey: Tracking Changes During The Coronavirus Pandemic”.

A new resource designed to connect reputable local small businesses with the local community has been released which will be a pivotal asset during this state of challenge. It is the New Movers and Community Guide.

This guide enables local small businesses to list their information. Their listed information then appears through the multiple media channels related to the guide.

As a result, this new local business directory improves small businesses’ competitive grip with well known national chain locations for customer attention.

Bringing greater public awareness to the current plight of local small businesses will help create stronger community support. This will keep small businesses open so they can continue to add to the economic landscape and diversity of their local areas.

For more information on the New Movers and Community Guide, visit the website at:

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