New Mothers Strong Core Flatter Tummy Pregnancy Recovery Exercise Guide Launched

One Core Program (858-663-2349), a virtual health center based in California, has launched the latest health and exercise guide called the 14-Day Core Activation Challenge for new mothers looking to get back in shape after their C-Section surgery.

One Core Program, an online health center based in Santa Rosa, California, has announced the launch of its strong core guide for new mothers looking to strengthen their core, abs, and muscles after delivering their baby.

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With the latest announcement, the health center aims to provide women with a reliable guide that can act as a foundation to help them recover, activate and retrain their core after they have undergone the most traumatic physical event in their life which is giving birth to their children.

The guide is not just for women who have just recently delivered but also for women who have had C-sections, hysterectomies, and other abdominal surgeries at any time in their life. The report helps to show women the state they are in at the moment and how they can make use of their health, body, and mind to recover from any type of core damage. In 14 days, the guide can help women regain their health, improve their posture, and start a fat-loss journey.

After giving birth, a woman’s core becomes vulnerable and sensitive. If women don’t take the time to recover their core, they are at risk of suffering from spinal compression, bad posture, constipation, fallen arches in their feet, and forward pitching neck.

The core activation challenge program features a range of brain-muscle retraining exercises to re-activate the brain and muscle connection. It also includes foundational activation exercises to help women identify if their core is active or it needs to be re-trained.

Launched by Dustin Schaffer, the One Core Program is a 14-day core activation challenge created to help people who are struggling with health challenges, physical challenges, and mental challenges. Dustin Schaffer is a Keto specialist, PICP coach, and a certified Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) specialist who was inspired to create this guide after witnessing his wife go through the process of giving birth and recovering from surgery without any rehab support from the hospital. With the One Core Program, Schaffer introduced a simple and intelligent tool to help mothers get their core and body back after any type of traumatic surgery.

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