New Mommy Media Release Video Series With Children Book Author Ty Allan Jackson

An innovative online community for new and expecting parents, New Mommy Media, announces the release of a new series of short-form videos with Ty Allan Jackson, author of “Make Your Own Money".

New Mommy Media (NMM) recently released a series of short videos featuring popular children’s book author, Ty Allan Jackson. Titled Kid Entrepreneurs with Ty Allan Jackson, the series features the author and youth motivational speaker encouraging kid entrepreneurs, providing parents with the necessary tips to help develop the business instinct in their little ones. It was also an opportunity for him to highlight the content of his new book titled book “Make Your Own Money,” where he promoted early entrepreneurship in kids.

You can watch the complete series on the New Mommy Media website here:

The business world continues to evolve as entrepreneurs across different industries emerge to provide solutions to the needs of their target audience. Over the years, several resources have been developed to help business owners promote their brands. However, very little attention is being paid to bringing out the entrepreneurial side of kids, which is where New Mommy Media is looking to make a difference with the Kid Entrepreneurs with Ty Allan Jackson video series.

The series touches on different aspects of starting and building a successful business, with Ty Allan Jackson sharing his wealth of knowledge with the audience. Some of the subjects covered in the video include creating a plan for the kid’s business, teaching kids about money, helping the kids to dream big, and fostering a child’s dream of becoming a YouTube celebrity.

Ty Allan Jackson has become increasingly popular over the years as a sought-after author of children’s books, creating entertaining and informative content for kids as well as their parents. He is also a common feature on different events, where he motivates the audience, especially youth on self-empowerment and how to create sustainable wealth.

The NMM-Ty Allan partnership is not particularly surprising as their goals align, with both parties leveraging their strengths to help as many families as possible in different parts of the world.

New Mommy Media was created as an online, on-the-go support group for new and expecting moms and dads, providing them with educating and entertaining podcasts and videos to ease the transition into parenthood and help them enjoy every step of nurturing their children.

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