New Mommy Media Offers Podcast Episode Sponsorship Advertiser Packages to Brands

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New Mommy Media offers businesses and brands dealing in pregnancy, breastfeeding, and baby products a platform to promote goods and services to their audience of new mom podcasts and videos.

New Mommy Media offers businesses and brands dealing in pregnancy and baby products a platform to promote business to their audience of its new mom podcasts. New Mommy Media is open to striking advertisement partnerships with organizations, businesses, groups, and events gravitating towards new and expecting parents’ needs.

New Mommy Media, an online media platform, produces live online videos, mom podcasts, and blog posts to assist new and expecting parents navigating pregnancy and child care.

More information about New Mommy Media is available at:

New Mommy Media offers advertisers with products and services geared towards improving new and expecting parents’ lives, the opportunity to advertise on its podcasts. According to the downloadable media kit on its website, New Mommy Media has over 50,000 monthly podcast ad audiences that it will leverage to promote businesses through its mom podcasts.

New Mommy Media has a colorful portfolio, placing podcast ads for brands like Charlie Banana, TeamMi, Thrive Market, Stitch Fix Kids, Myro, Molekule, March of Dimes, Lumi by Pampers, and Modern Fertility. These brands have relied on New Mommy Media to promote their businesses. New Mommy Media hopes to stretch this collaboration with other brands to benefit both parties.

According to New Mommy Media’s media kit, the podcast ads service has three packages; “Expecting,” “Newborn,” and “Toddler” packages. Each package subscription has a 3-month lifespan. A package subscription encompasses:

– Thirty mid-roll ads on all podcast episodes of a single podcast show.

– One podcast on a topic related to the advertiser’s product/service.

– One blog post related to the advertiser’s product/services, with links.

– An optional one-product giveaway to the New Mommy Media audience.

The “Newborn package” includes an additional video on a topic related to the advertiser’s product/services. The “Toddler” package includes extras like one video on a topic related to the advertiser’s product/services and ten dynamic teaser pre-roll ads on all episodes of a single podcast show.

Advertisers who wish to purchase podcast ads only can make purchases via the “Podcast ads only” package. This package offers clients various benefits, including:

– New Mommy Media will write and record the ads for the advertisers.

– New Mommy Media will send the ads to advertisers for approval before running on podcast shows.

– New Mommy Media will ensure flexibility of when the podcast ads will start and stop running.

– New Mommy Media will include advertisers’ clients’ soundbite testimonials in the ads.

– New Mommy Media will record ads every two weeks for the advertisers.

Advertiser payment depends on the podcast ads’ reach. New Mommy Media will run different ads based on a listener’s location.

To learn more about New Mommy Media’s podcast ads packages, download New Mommy Media’s media kit at:

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