New Mommy Media Mighty Moms Online Community Supports Pregnant and New Moms

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New Mommy Media now has an online community for new moms called "Mighty Moms". Through this group, new moms interact on topics discussed its mom podcasts, online videos, and blog posts.

New Mommy Media has created an active platform for new moms to privately engage in the journey of raising children. Dubbed ” Mighty Moms,” this online community presents new moms with the opportunity to discuss and interact on some of the topics discussed on the New Mommy Media platform, including its mom podcasts, online videos, and blog posts.

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Mighty Moms offers an opportunity for new moms and different mommy groups to connect throughout the world. This helpful online community of new moms helps each other, through shared experiences, to navigate the child-raising journey, which may be lonely and difficult to go through alone.

According to its website, Mighty Moms allows its members to appear as guests on its audio mom podcasts and online videos. Upon selection, Mighty Moms requires its chosen community member to share child-raising experiences and mommy stories in a live, interactive show with a global viewership. This way, other new moms get to learn from such experiences to better their child-raising journeys.

Mighty Moms also supports new moms with vital resources to aid in navigating the child-raising journey. Mighty Moms provides these resources to new moms depending on the stage of child-raising. These Mighty Moms resources tailor to the needs of each child-raising stage like the breastfeeding stage, toddler stage, potty training stage, and so forth.

Joining the Mighty Moms community has two subscription plans. New Mommy Media bills an unlimited-access monthly membership plan at $9.99, while an unlimited-access lifetime membership plan goes for $99.99.

Mighty Moms membership attracts numerous benefits, as mentioned on the New Mommy Media website. The community members can engage experts brought on the shows and have their specific questions answered and unclear issues clarified. The community members also get to view first-hand new podcast episodes and products before mainstream release to mommy groups and the general public. New Mommy Media also provides the episode transcripts to the Mighty Mom community members.

The Mighty Moms community enjoys the uplifting connection with members through its monthly “Unwind” online Friday zoom call show. The Unwind show gets members to connect and have a mommy moment together.

To learn more about the Mighty Moms community and join the wagon of new moms seeking to better their child-raising journeys, go to

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