New Mix Design Is The Future Of Concrete – Opens Opportunity For Investors

This solution eliminates the use of fly ash, eliminates the need for chemical water repellents, reduces the amount of cement needed and prevents concrete cancer, whilst having both a positive effect on people and our environment.

According to Samaritan Sand the basis of this new mix design is a natural Quartz & Alumina sand additive that can eliminate ‘Concrete Cancer’ and saves companies up to $30/tonne.

They understand that Concrete Cancer is endemic in the construction industry. Samaritan Sand report that world-wide the normal concrete mix is a combination of aggregate, common sand, fly ash to fill the gaps, cement with chemical additives and water. This structural concrete is still slightly porous and as it ages, it shrinks and fine cracks form within it. These fine cracks allow water, containing corrosives such as dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide, toxins from fly ash, chlorides and various salts, to soak into the concrete and corrode and rust it’s reinforcing steel. This corrosion and rusting results in expansion within the concrete and eventually causes failure of the concrete (Concrete Cancer).

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“All construction on this planet relies on this liquid-to-stone transition,” says Roland Pellenq, a physical chemist at the Concrete Sustainability Hub (CSHub) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge.

So how to fix it – Samaritan Sand has introduced a New Mix Design that gives Complete Compaction which is achieved by increasing the surface area for cement bonding so there is no gaps within the concrete. That means less cement is needed in the mix, (up to 30% less for some grades). That also means there are fewer requirements for chemical additives to expel excess water as the concrete is non porous. Replacing 10% – 15% of the sand with natural Quartz & Alumina Sand Additive improves the concrete strength and durability. The points raised above are a considerable cost saving for high grades of concrete manufacture.

Stephen Kovacs, CEO from Samaritan Sand says “Our Quartz and Alumina Sand is what I call ‘Gold-Plated Sand’ – giving compression strength and long life to concrete.”

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