New Mindrewire Video: The Difference Between Brain Coherence and Heart Coherence

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For people in the Self Help, Subconscious reprogramming arena, James Dangwaram has just released a in depth comment on MindRewire’s recent video called, ‘What’s the Difference Between Brain Coherence and Heart Coherence?’ The newly released video also promotes weekly live subconscious change classes. The new video can be viewed here: The video is meant for anyone wanting to know more about heart and brain coherence.

The new MindRewire Video called ‘What’s the Difference Between Brain Coherence and Heart Coherence?’ explains the difference between heart coherence and brain coherence and helps interested listeners gain information to benefit their journey. Mattoon owner of MindRewire leads the discussion about the chosen topic it bring clarity and understanding to the self help, subconscious programming arena.

This video covers enlightenment and brings in-depth understanding to brain and hearth coherence. It is a must watch for anyone seeking down to earth information and easy to follow instructions.

It also covers fine tuning watchers applications to MindRewire’s ‘great teachings and training’s’. Dangwaram states ‘This (video) brings out your unique identity and specialty in expanding the understanding of human consciousness..’

The new video review can be viewed at this link:

Author of Weekly live Subconscious change classes, Christy Mattoon says “Honest, positive reviews and comments of my products and video’s are always welcome.” Like this particular feedback, left pertaining specifically to the weekly live subconscious change classes, “As always, thanks for sharing your awesomeness. I really love these Saturday morning insights from you and Spirit.” Angie Engstrom.

Mind Rewire has defied convention in the self help, subconscious reprogramming market with the release of new videos giving away privileged information on things like how to use a whole brain state to stop subconscious stress and ways to use heart coherence to create a powerful life. Further information can be found at

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