New Mexico’s Best Alternative Newspaper Announces New Events Calendar

The ABQ Free Press is the leading alternative newspaper in New Mexico, covering everything from state and local events to the arts, entertainment and everything in between. For more details and information please visit the official website at

The ABQ Free Press recently disclosed the company website has incorporated a new events calendar. The events calendar will help local Albuquerque residents to easily keep track of upcoming events and festivities in their communities. According to a spokesperson for the newspaper, the new events calendar will be an integral part of their long term plan.

“Our new events calendar will cover all the pertinent stuff that takes place in and around New Mexico,” says spokesperson Joshua Simpson. “Interested parties may also submit their events a month prior to publication, and we’re confident this will be a valuable resource for our readers and event organizers as well.”

Among the most notable upcoming scheduled events lined up is entitled Remnants: Photographs from the Disfarmer Studio. Scheduled to take place from March through June this year, the event takes a mesmerizing look into the material history of portraits acquired from the Mike Disfarmer studio. Though the photographer holds a posthumous fame, each photograph from his studio has a rich and storied life. This event allows guests a look at some of that rich history, from darkroom to museum archive. “This is a great event for art lovers and those fond of the history behind that art,” Simpson says.

Another exciting event showcased by the events calendar is the Lightning Speaks exhibit. The exhibit culminates on the 14th of May, exploring various ways in which visual and aural converge or diverge. Raven Chacon (of the Navajo Nation, AZ) is the focus of the exhibit, as he works with sound and image in complex ways. The exhibit will showcase both his own work as well as the work of collaborators.

“As you can see, the ABQ Free Press events calendar is all about keeping you updated,” Simpson says. “The calendar was created to help bring the community together as well. We’ve reasoned that if people had better access to the list of local events, they’d be more likely to attend those events and experience things that they otherwise would have missed. That’s why we’ve made it our goal to be sure that if something’s happening in New Mexico, you’ll be the first to know.” Visit the website at

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