New Mexico Smart Lighting Control System And IOT Wireless Solutions Launched

Integrated Systems Technology Services launches their lighting control and IOT solutions to enable industrial manufacturing and distribution plants in New Mexico to enjoy the benefits of automated systems.

Based in Albuquerque, Integrated Systems Technology Services launches their lighting control and IOT solutions for clients in New Mexico. The automated systems provider caters to various businesses in the area, including industrial manufacturing and distribution plants.

More information can be found on the company’s website at:

The newly launched services bring a slew of benefits to commercial establishments. Lighting in large facilities like industrial plants can be difficult to manage and maintain, but not with the company’s automated lighting control. With the technology in place, site managers can easily adjust and customize light levels in different sections of the property, and consequently enjoy energy savings from the increased efficiency.

Integrated Systems Technology Services’ lighting control and IOT solutions go beyond mere on and off functions. One particularly beneficial feature it offers is occupancy sensing. When lighting is set to switch on when a section is occupied, it can also be configured to dim after a set amount of time.

Facility managers also have the option to group sections of the property according to their lighting requirements, thereby ensuring suitability of light levels to each task. The size of the property does not matter as the functionality can be applied to anywhere from single-room facilities to multi-facility sites.

Aside from lighting control, the company also offers systems for climate control, shade control, energy management and monitoring, as well as A/V control. They are a full-service provider who can handle entire life cycles of commercial control projects, starting from system design and management down to servicing and maintenance. Their service areas include New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey.

In the various areas of New Mexico, the company is a local partner for manufacturer Digital Lumens. Facility owners and managers interested in Integrated Systems Technology Services’ automation solutions can visit the URL above or Digital Lumens’ website at:

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