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Mohegan Real Estate is now offering competitively priced land for sale in New Mexico, available lots including pristine properties in Otero and Lincoln Counties near the Sacramento Mountains, Lincoln National Forest, and other attractions.

Mohegan Real Estate, a property investment company based in Quincy, Massachusetts, announced the availability of a series of new land listings in New Mexico. The vacant properties for sale are located in Otero County, Lincoln County and other areas, in the vicinity of various attractions such as the Sacramento Mountains and the Lincoln National Forest, among others.

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Purchasing vacant land is an attractive option for anyone looking to make a sound real estate investment, or simply build a home in a quiet location.

According to Mohegan Real Estate, New Mexico can be an ideal option for those looking for vacant land for sale due to its beautiful landscape and considerable potential for development.

A spokesperson for the company explained: “New Mexico has been going through a great deal of development and has been seeing unemployment rates drop constantly. Usually, when that happens, an area becomes a prime location for real estate. So if you hear about or see something about land for sale in New Mexico, you should take full advantage of it.”

Mohegan Real Estate currently has six available lots for sale in New Mexico, including a 0.25-acre in Otero County. Conveniently located at the end of the street in a quiet community, the lot is ideal for families looking for a private retreat with plenty of outdoors opportunities, including hiking, biking and camping in the nearby Sacramento Mountains and Lincoln National Forest. Additionally, the property is also located near the stores and restaurants in Cloudcroft.

The agency also offers a 0.57-acre lot in Alto, near the Cree Meadows Country Club and Golf Course, Ruidoso Downs and Moon Mountain, as well as various other vacant lots ranging in size from 0.25 up to 0.69 acres.

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