New Masterclass poised to Change The Art of Doing Business Forever

The MBI Masterclass brings 20 of America's Top Coaches who assist in giving Business owners the path towards realizing the New Paradigm. Ready to have customers chasing you?

New Jersey based ConnectA Strategic Solutions Group announces the launch of its much-awaited MBI Masterclass designed to help Senior Leaders and Business Owners enjoy the New Paradigm, wherein customers actually chase You – Demanding to do business with you!

Industry statistics show that a record number of companies are either filing for bankruptcy or closing altogether. Part of the challenge is relying on old business models and operating frameworks when the world has fundamentally changed.

MBI stands for Mindset, Business and Influence – The Three Key Verticals whose Mastery assists in giving Business owners the path towards realizing the New Paradigm.

MBI Masterclass was developed by Lynn Donaldson, CEO of ConnectA Strategy and Rajiv Jadhav, CEO of Rsquare Media & Dynamite Networking Group – who realized that ‘The New Normal’ brought about by the Global Pandemic required a New Strategy that was fundamentally different than previous approaches. Being successful has never been more important to the survival of Small Business, Big Business and Local Economies and all the Families connected.

MBI Masterclass is a Coaching program unlike anything the world has seen so far. It’s a hybrid experiences that blends the best of private coaching with Ivy League Business School experience to provide a unique learning experience that brings together 20-30 of America’s Top Coaches and Trainers who’ve all delivered outstanding results consistently for the businesses they serve, delivering growth in revenue from 2-400% and growing topline revenue to Billion Dollars for some fortune 500 companies. The program attendance is capped at only 12 seats, so that executive students will receive almost a 100% individual attention from trainers to actively work on their business during the class, which is conducted over six days and includes an amazing 45+ hours of training. This allows for ample face time and interaction with the coaches. Among the coaches featured are Lynn Donaldson and Rob Price, both of whom have coached executives whose businesses have generated billions in revenue.

Unlike other coaching programs, the MBI Masterclass is delivered as a workshop, where theories or solutions are evaluated and applied. This allows executives to apply their learnings in real-time to their respective businesses.

To ensure a quality learning experience, each cohort is capped at 12 driven business executives.

MBI Masterclass is now accepting applications for its February 2021 cohort after running a successful October 2020 cohort which delivered tremendous results for its students. Learn more at

A spokesperson for the firm says: “Given the way in which the the world has dramatically changed, businesses need a powerful paradigm shift. This is exactly what the MBI Masterclass offers. Those who join us on this journey will learn how to make customers chase after them—instead of the other way around.” Watch the promo video to learn more about MBI Masterclass –

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