New Lung Cancer Vaccine to be Imported From Cuba, Safety In Question

Officials are working to import a promising vaccine for lung cancer from Cuba, but its safety has yet to be evaluated by American researchers.

Cancer Cures Investigated released their free report today evaluating the prospective import of a vaccine for lung cancer from Cuba, and the possible safety risks surrounding it. Since the trade embargo with Cuba is almost non-existent, researchers in the United States hope for the opportunity to evaluate some of their anti-cancer treatments, including a promising vaccine called CimaVax. However, since the American government will have to conduct trials of their own, this vaccine won’t be ready for distribution for some time.

Promising statistics for CimaVax have emerged from studies conducted worldwide on over 5,000 patients. This research showed that the vaccine was able to not only prevent cancer in healthy people, but also helped to decrease the size of lung cancer tumors in existing cancer patients. It works by injecting patients with an epidermal growth factor(EGF), helping to raise antibodies to target this receptor specifically and starving cancer cells of the growth stimulus needed to thrive.

But, there has yet to be any mention of the potential sideeffects caused by this injection. Cancer Cures Investigated owner Nora Markin says, “While this discovery is very exciting, I can’t help but wonder what the associated health risks are with CimaVax. The American government should see to it that CimaVax is thoroughly evaluated for both safety and efficacy before physicians are permitted to use it in this country.“ This report helps to open the curtains on the medical industry and give regular people insights they won’t find elsewhere.

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