New Live Virtual Event for Marketing, Sales & RevOps Leaders on September 27th

Spicy opinions. Even spicier data. ????️ During Hot Takes Live, 24 of the top SaaS leaders across Marketing, Sales, and RevOps will reveal some of their most unpopular opinions about their niche.

Marketing, Sales, and RevOps Leaders looking for the latest information on hot takes and harsh truths on product-led growth, RevOps, marketing, and sales can register to attend Hot Takes Live scheduled for September 27th. is producing this unique event, which will cover key issues such as:

Marketing Leadership – “Most Marketers Don’t Deserve to Be in the C-Suite”

“Every Marketer wants to be a CMO. Except they only want to manage and they constantly avoid “doing”.

The C-Suite is for Marketers who understand the business, the people, the customers, the intra-departmental dependencies, the best-in-class processes and workflows, and who have the hard and soft skills to lead by example while holding their teams accountable for achieving a clearly defined vision. And most Marketers lack most of these skills.

During this session, you will learn:

How to Communicate — a vision, a plan, an outcome, a pitch, a message, etc.

How to Motivate — a team, a prospect, an analyst, an audience, a community.

How to Navigate — an org chart, a buyer’s journey, a bureaucracy, a board, a budget.”

Marketing Technology – “Your MarTech Stack Is Wrong”

“Your MarTech stack is likely living in the past – possibly the ancient past. Especially if you’re using (or attempting to use) product-led growth to, well, grow your company, the tools of the past won’t get you the growth of the future. Your MarTech stack lives happily – or unhappily – in its own silo while your growth strategies now have to cross four different teams: marketing, sales, customer success, and now product.

So you have a choice: attempt to keep hammering away at the old, square peg in an attempt to jam it into the new, round hole, or step back and assess what old technologies get the boot.

Well, maybe. You *can* eventually shape some of those old technologies to fit the growth strategies of today. But only if you’re committed to rearranging, reconfiguring, and adding a few new ones.

Find out why your MatTech stack is wrong and what you should do about it in this session.”

Revenue Operations – “RevOps is NOT a Methodology”

“Here’s a fun exercise: Type “RevOps” into Google and continue clicking each search hit until you find a repeated definition.

You’re going to see lots of “alignment”, “silos are bad”, “it’s a business function” and “getting marketing and sales on the same page”, just never in the same order and often worded in an increasingly intricate manner.

The result: Gobblygoop

When you crown SEO as the king, these are the rules you live under. Although many of these definitions touch on common pain points in the trade, and therefore have a tendency to resonate positively in one way or another with many RevOps professionals.

But they are simply not accurate.

So what is RevOps, then? We’ll cover that during this session.”


Trendy marketing and sales strategies emerge seemingly every day, but do any of them really live up to the hype?

During Hot Takes Live, 24 of the top SaaS leaders across Marketing, Sales, and RevOps will reveal some of their most unpopular opinions about their niche.

These leaders will share what lessons they learned and how they disrupted their industry by going against the grain (and achieved better results in the process).

Full details on the event can be found on the event website at:

When asked about the reasons behind creating this event, the host of the event, Armando Biondi, said:

“Delivering actionable and practical content in a fun, engaging and, in this case, a little spicy is just one way we are trying to deliver value and elevate the conversation”

The website has full details about the sessions at this year’s event. Interested parties can visit the website at:

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