New line of personalised face masks launched in wake of UK face mask law changes

It’s Handmade have launched a stylish new range of affordable, personalised face masks with bespoke embroidered motifs and innovative protection that help protect the wearer from airborne germs.

In wake of recent events, UK-based e-commerce store known as It’s Handmade, have launched a reasonably high-quality collection of personalised face masks that are reusable, washable and available in a number of custom designs all at a very attractive price range.

It’s been one hell of a year so far and now that most of us are easing out of lock down and getting back to what we perceive to be a more ‘normal’ way of life by comparison, new laws have come to fruition in regards to face coverings in the United Kingdom which clarify where and when we will need to be wearing them.

A lot of people have been disgruntled by the changing laws and albeit most of them have valid claims as to why they’re not happy with the changes, the laws were changed as a way of trying to encourage more people to go out more, with a little bit of a safety net for when social distancing cannot be put into practice.

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With face coverings and protective masks becoming an essential part of daily life in the UK due to the pandemic, It’s Handmade has reacted to the growing demand with a new range of face coverings that can be customised in a number of colours and hand-stitched embroideries.

Each mask is designed with comfort and quality in mind and will protect wearers from airborne germs and dust inhalation thanks to innovative technologies and finishes to the fabric of the mouth covering.

The newly launched collection of face masks are designed with a double layer of fabric made from cotton and elastance, specially formulated to adapt and fit to the contours of the wearer’s face, along with elastic ear-loops, keeping the mask in perfect position all day.

The outer layer of fabric has a special Silvadur Flex Antimicrobial finish that helps to prevent odours and wear and tear, creating a long lasting face mask. The mouth covering also has a Zelan R3 renewably-sourced finish, applying the material with a non-fluorinated, plant-based water-repellent treatment, which makes the new range of face masks one of the most durable on the market.

The masks can be custom-designed so the wearer can display their own sense of individuality and style. The face masks are available in a number of colours and can be embroidered with a name or a set of initials, making them ideal for personal and corporate gifts.

A spokesperson for It’s Handmade says: “We are a small, family-run business and pride ourselves on adapting to the needs of customers, so for summer 2020 we have launched this new range of face masks and stayed true to our ‘handmade’ ethos by custom-making each mask in-house, so each one is unique to the wearer.”

It’s Handmade specialises in personalised, hand-crafted jewellery for parents and babies, children’s toys and unique gifts.

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