New Leafy Podcast Episode 22: Offshore Trusts with Attorney Rocky Reidel

The Leafy Podcast has released their latest podcast with Rocky Reidel entitled Episode 22: Offshore Trusts with Attorney Rocky Reidel available on all your favorite podcast sites!

For podcast fans looking to get their hands on the latest Leafy Podcast episode, the wait is over. The Leafy Podcast team has recently dropped Episode 22: Offshore Trusts with Attorney Rocky Reidel on all of your favorite podcast listening sites. For those that just can’t possibly wait to get listening, click the link below!

The Leafy Podcast team releases new episodes every week and never fail to bring on educational and informative guests. When speaking with Rocky, he stated,”factca requires most of world banks to send reports for any U.S. citizens to send reports on assets being held, so hiding money offshore is impossible to do at this point.” The advice that pours out of him easily goes into the minds of real estate investors and entrepreneurs.

The Leafy Podcast team enjoys educating the specific business niche that is real estate and entrepreneurship. Tid-bits in their most recent segment with Rocky Reidel sounded a bit like this: “You can’t have all of your eggs in one basket. If you want to maintain control of your assets, minimize taxes and pass your wealth down to the next generation, choose which goals are most important to you.” Information like this can always be found in the Leafy Podcast’s episodes, as well as on their website, Leafy Legal Services!

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