New Labeling System Helps Consumers Make Educated Decisions

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Diet Pill and Weight Loss has released a new report, highlighting the potential benefits of a 5-color labeling system. Learn more here.

A new five color food labeling system has been implemented in Europe, with proven benefits for those who struggle to understand the nutritional quality of their food and may provide those considered at-risk for developing obesity a better understanding of the nutritional quality of their food.

This labeling system depends on the nutritional quality score, based on guidelines established by the Food Standards Agency (FSA). To properly determine a product’s score, the ratio of calories, simple sugars, saturated fatty acids, sodium, fiber, protein and percentage of fruits and vegetables per 100 g of product are evaluated.

As illustrated in a study conducted through an online survey comparing several different labeling methods, participants with poor knowledge of nutrition were able to easily select the healthier option when the 5 color labeling system was used. In fact, researchers noted that the presence of the 5-color nutrition label single-handedly increased an individual with no nutritional knowledge’s ability to correctly choose the healthier option by 20 fold.

While a dramatic labeling change like this has yet to be made in the United States, experts believe it could have a large impact on the country’s present battle with obesity. Though, the decision to alter existing labeling practices would only be made after the method illustrates success in Europe.

When asked about this new system, Marisol Touraine, French Minister of Health at Diet Pill and Weight Loss said:

“We hope that implementing this system will work to make it easier to inform consumers and to help the consumer make informed choices, that the mandatory nutrition declaration may be accompanied by a presentation or complementary expression using graphics or symbols on the front of packaging.”

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