New Kitchen Design Tips Book By Shane Bloomfield Launches Nov 29 in Townsville

Shane Bloomfield is launching his brand new book, “Every Kitchen A Dream Kitchen”, available through at Amazon and in Townsville targeted at new home builders and kitchen renovators. More information is available at the website:

30 year veteran of kitchen design and construction Shane Bloomfield is launching his brand new book, “Every Kitchen A Dream Kitchen” in Townsville. The book is set to go live November 29th, available at Amazon and at, and is expected to become a big hit with fans of the new home builders and renovators world.

More information on the book can be found here:

This is the first book Bloomfield has authored. The book was written with the aim in mind to help people design great kitchens and avoid the pitfalls. There’s also particular excitement about this launch because it is very first book to explain clearly and simply the secrets of great kitchen design.

Every Kitchen A Dream Kitchen sets its main focus on helping people get through the confusion and hesitation to design and build their dream kitchens. Readers will likely find a particular interest in just how simple it can be to include the best kitchen design features and avoid the many design errors that can ruin a great kitchen.. The book’s cover art was created by Shane R Bloomfield and Every Kitchen A Dream Kitchen is being released by Cabinetmaker Press.

Shane Bloomfield has a background in over 30 years of designing and building new kitchens in Townsville. During this time Bloomfield has dominated the local and North Queensland Building Awards for New Kitchens and Renovations. This helped shaped the creation of the book by realizing that there is a series of steps which if followed creates the dream new kitchen that everyone hopes for..

When asked about why they wrote the book, Bloomfield said: “Kitchens are a very important part of life, and everyone deserves to have a great kitchen in their homes.”

Bloomfield has hopes that the book will inspire more people to have a dream new kitchen, and also to help them avoid the design pitfalls. This positive outlook from the author is certainly testament to their optimism considering some of the mishaps during its creation. At one point all of the high resolution photos were misplaced, and it was lucky to be found on the second backup drive..

In a recent interview, the author made a point of thanking his brilliant team of cabinetmakers in Townsville, who are able to bring the award winning kitchen designs to reality. For his part in the creation of the book, the author said: “thanks to my coach and friend James, who helped me keep on writing and rewriting it more simply, until it was complete.”

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