New Kindle eBook Cover Software Turns Book Authors Into DIY Design Creators

Kindle Cover Wizard announced the availability of their new Cover Creation Software, the Kindle eBook Cover Designer beginning 12th February, 2015.

Kindle book authors and publishers looking for the latest Kindle cover creation software can now purchase the Kindle eBook Cover Designer by Kindle Cover Wizard. The detailed product listing can be found here:

Kindle eBook Cover Designer is developed to appeal specifically to Kindle book authors and publishers. Even for those who are not professionally trained or artistically inclined. It includes features such as:

- The ability to create stunning 3D covers quickly and easily — even for authors who are not experienced with handling design software. And don’t have any inclination to hire a designer for the task of creating their book covers.

- A simple and elegant user interface — makes it easy to use and to create Kindle covers without hassle. The layout is intuitive and easy to grasp for users of all skill levels. The software include training and further instruction should it be necessary.

- Preloaded with attractive backgrounds and graphics — including a wide resource of over 100 backgrounds, 227 built-in graphics, and various templates as well. These can be built upon to deliver attractive cover designs without having to stress on thinking of something from scratch.

Jay Boyer, CEO of Kindle Cover Wizard, and a prolific Kindle author, when asked about the importance of good Kindle cover design said:

“In just 3 seconds, potential buyers make up their minds about the content inside your book just by looking at the cover. If they like the cover, they buy. If they don’t, they buy your competitor’s book. And losing sales is that simple!”

Those interested in learning more about the company, and it’s available Kindle publishing tools can do so on the company website.

Those interested in purchasing the Kindle eBook Cover creator can go directly to the product listing available through the site below.

Click here to view the free video demonstration:

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