New Kids Pet Robot Toy – Zoomer Robot Chimp Will Make Anyone Laugh Guaranteed

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Dancing Zoomer Robot Chimp surely will get on top of Xmas List Presents. Without any doubt it is a worthy toy to consider for children and loved ones to lift their spirits at any day. More

Brand New Zoomer Robot Chimp Who Can Dance Laugh, Interact and Even Shake His But

Nobody needs to read any horoscopes to predict that his fantastic robot chimpanzee is going to be one of the biggest sellers and the most funniest Toy this Christmas.

Last year the robot dino won toy of the year and it looks like this year they have a strong chance of winning again. Video on this website more explanating on the Toy Fair on what the robot monkey does exactly with the demonstration and how to give him some commands.

Over the last few years as well as the Zoomer Dino the company Spin Master had dogs and kitties, but with zoomer chimp they have really over delivered with this new toy and its functionality and features. Watch this terrific laughing video of dancing monkey doing funny stuff and flirting with the camera on the website mentioned above .

By looking at the packaging of this toy it is obvious that there is a terrible pun of the Zoomer Robot Chimp being made as as Prime- Mate, in terms of mate which meant as a companion.

It is described as being able to carry out over 100 tricks and reacts to 10 voice commands. He lights up eyes and dance and farts. Even his eyebrows and nose moves too. Its eyes change colour to represent what type of mood it is feeling. This fantastic toy Zoomer robot chimp is priced around $120, but the cheapest one can be found via website above.

Most people would Like the Zoomer Robot Chimp for one reason or another.

To everyone’s surprise even forty years old people would love one of these toys for Christmas. But joking aside this toy is for ages 5+. It has some warning of chocking hazards for kids under 3, but any 5 years old should not have a problem with that according to the safety guidelines. Any younger and it could also so easily get damaged. Kids who enjoyed the previous Dino robot toys seemed to be in the age 5 to12 years old, so it is recommended for this kind of ages. Boys or girls would love this as a robotic pet toy, so do not disappoint them,order chimp here at the discount rate now.

There are so many things that can be liked by many people about this innovative Zoomer robot Chimp.

The main thing most liked about this robot toy that it has a real personality, which he will show by changing colour of his eyes. Just asking him “How are you feeling?” and he will turn towards and show exactly how and what he is feeling at that moment by changing colour of his eyes. It is great for emotional growth and interaction with young children. This toy will show them how to use emotions and that is OK to be sad or happy at times. It also will increase empathy and more intelligent feelings and emotional awareness with children and improve their development.

Zoomer has given it an articulated body and animated face, so that it behaves like a real cheeky young chimp. It’s a little bit crazy and really amazing to watch how and he farts, laughs and dances around sometimes almost standing on his head . Here’s also other details that comes with the order.

1 New favourite primate listens to voice commands and knows over 200 sounds, including “Do a flip” and “Go bananas”. By pressing top of his head and speaking towards it and he will do it.

2 Zoomer Chimp performs over 100 awesome tricks.

3 He’s full of personality – this interactive Chimp changes his eye colour, moves his face, and has real lifelike movements. His teeth are also all individually set. It can be easily seen from the videos when he laughs.

4 Zoomer Chimp is for ages 5+ and requires 1 LiPo battery.

5 It comes in a nice packaging as 1 Zoomer Chimp, 1 Charging Cable (wall adaptor not included), 1 Instruction Booklet and 1 Reference Guide.

It has also been mentioned that he has the ability to go from sitting to standing which makes it even more fun and lifelike. Even just watching some of these videos people cannot help themrselves but keep on laughing.

It seems that $120 is a good price considering the impressive amount of features this robotic toy chimp has. Not everyone can afford real monkey as a pet or have one due to health reasons that’s for sure. But there is an option to split the cost on Amazon credit card or use a gift vouchers towards its cost. This happy toy does so many different things and actually has a personality that kids will become attached to sometimes even more then to a pet and it certainly does not need that much looking after.

The new responses are unlocked the more kids play with it, which stimulates the child and ensures that he would not get board too easily or too quickly with his new toy. Zoomer could just easily produced another robot toy of the same. But despite all the hard work they had to put in to this, they still improved and innovated on previous robotic toys to produce a funny looking robot chimp that many kids will love and play with.

It will encourage and involve the children not only laughing their heads off, although that will include most of adults too, but move around, bending and kneeling towards it when they give him commands or even start happily dancing with this toy. Any child will get a lot of fun and engaging play-time out of this present, so parent be aware. Get this robot chimp as a present well before Christmas to avoid lengthy ques or even worst missing out on this completely leaving children disappointed about what they did not get this Xmas.

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