New Karting Championship Race Series Coaching, Faster Career Platform Announced

Racers360 announced a new online coaching platform for Go-Kart racers wanting to go faster, reduce lap times, and accelerate their careers. Targeted at Karters in ROK Cup USA, SKUSA, Super Karts, Pro Kart Series, WKA, FIA Karting Academy, Rotax and CIK FIA Karting Championships.

Racers360, the world’s leader in motorsports driver coaching has announced the release of its new virtual coaching platform, the Elite Motorsports program, which is now also available for Karting / Go-Kart racers worldwide.

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According to Racers360 this platform is perfect for Karters of all ages and skill levels. Through Racers360, drivers will be working personally with the very best karting coaches in the world. Racers360’s new coaching platform is designed to deliver the best possible competitive advantage on any race weekend, for any kart on any racetrack anywhere in the world.

Karting is widely recognized as the logical starting point for most future racing stars. Coaching is indisputably the single most crucial component of any racer’s development — but substandard coaching will deliver disappointing race results, no matter how naturally talented a young driver is.

Racers360 hires only top professional coaches, that have proven themselves with multiple championships of their own — not only in karting but at the highest levels of professional motorsports as well. These coaches are gifted at reading students driving habits, good and bad, and communicating improvements in a clear, concise and positive manner. The racer is also able to view all of their coaching sessions over and over again, whenever and wherever they want.

Customers can easily upload their onboard video from any camera, at any track and from any kart, directly to their chosen Racers360 pro coach. The coach then analyzes the video and provides detailed recorded video instructions on how and where improvements should be made – both on general driver technique, plus coaching specifically oriented to that particular track.

The Racers360 all-pro coaching team includes current and former championship winners, including Karters Ryan Norberg (4 consecutive Pro-Tour Championships, and ranked #1 Karter in the US by e-Karting News) and Chris Wehrheim (8-time Grand National Champion). Other pro coaches on the Racers360 team include Josef Newgarden (2-time Indy Car Champion) and Ricky Taylor (multiple IMSA sportscar champion).

With the Racers360 coaching services, Karters no longer need to deal with the high costs, questionable capabilities and logistical challenges that come with bringing their own coaches to the track. The new service, the Elite Motorsports program, offers a range of features that provide Karters with a long term, structured and consistent virtual relationship with the Racers360 coach of their choice.

With the Elite Motorsports program Karters can subscribe to a coach and obtain coaching before, during, and after race weekends. It includes monthly coaching sessions, chat messaging, drills to work on away from the track, and live group calls every month. It also provides for discounts on any additional coaching sessions.

For more information on the new Elite Motorsports Coaching program and to reserve a spot on the waiting list, visit: Karting Elite Coaching. This also includes a sample Racers360 coaching video delivered by Chris Wehrheim.

The Racers360 Elite Motorsports Coaching program is an essential companion for Kart racers and pilots competing in the major championship series in the US, Europe and other Karting hot spots around the world. This includes anyone competing in the ROK Cup USA, Super Karts USA (SKUSA), Super Nationals, Pro Kart Series, ProKart Challenge, WKA, Super One Series, Rotax, FIA Karting Academy, and CIK FIA Karting World Championship.

“I would personally have benefited incredibly from the Racers360 services when I was racing Karts in Florida, in US Nationals as well as in Europe” said Racers360 co-founder Dion von Moltke, who has won championships in Karting, as well as the Daytona 24 Hour and the Sebring 12 Hour twice in the IMSA sportscar series.

“The personalized coaching sessions plus rich content library would have made me faster quicker. I depended on a range of different track side coaches, who often conflicted in direction, and were frankly uninspiring. I was only able to watch YouTube videos of other drivers in other karts or cars to prepare for race weekends. With Racers360 we have advanced to providing young drivers with a completely new, richer and more effective career accelerator.”

In addition to providing personalized driver coaching services, Racers360 has developed what they claim to be motorsports largest library of training materials, some of which can be accessed for free on their website, or available through Racers360’s Racers Lounge subscription service. This will provide an invaluable resource to Karters as they progress through their motorsports career – from Karting to Open Wheel or Sportscar racing and beyond.

The Racers Lounge subscription also includes access to motorsport’s most comprehensive coaching masterclass, Josef Newgarden’s “Champions Course”, presented by Racers360. The Champions Course is one of the most in-depth and comprehensive coaching programs a professional race car driver has ever created.

The Racers360 Education database includes over 55 race track guides, all created by their professional coaching staff, plus courses on Driving Techniques, Racecraft, race car Engineering, the use of lap Data, how to Train Your Mind, and a range of curated and Racers360 certified Onboard Videos. Members of the Racers Lounge also have access to all previously recorded and future Racers360 Webinars.

“The Racers360 Karting coaching session for our 8 year old son was amazingly well done. Chris was fantastic! He was super positive, filled with encouragement and advice on how to go faster. Chris keyed in on just a few easy to remember items for Will to work on. Will learned a ton and was able to apply what he learned from the coaching session the very next week. We highly recommend this service!” said Fritz Wilke, father of an aspiring young racer.

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