New Jersey Property Tax Consultants Launch Home Business Training Course

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New Jersey professional property tax consultants announced the launch of a home business kit that helps individuals set up their own tax consultancy business. The kit covers all aspects of filing effective NJ residential property tax appeals and adjustments while generating a consistent income stream.

New Jersey professional property tax consultants Sungate Productions LLC announced the launch of its residential property tax consulting home business course. Designed for independent entrepreneurs, the course helps aspiring property tax consultants understand residential taxation and how to help homeowners lower taxes.

More information about Sungate Productions LLC and the tax consulting course is available at

Residential property tax consultants play a pivotal role in helping homeowners manage their property taxes through an effective system of tax appeals provided by the United States government. Property tax rates in the United States are set based on a property tax assessment. Errors in this assessment process result in a higher assessed value, and consequently, in higher taxes.

As a remedial measure, the government provides homeowners with the right to file tax appeals that ensure the correct interpretation of comparables and lower the overall assessed value of the property. Sungate Productions LLC helps individuals who are seeking an alternative business opportunity with a step-by-step guide to professional property tax consulting, helping homeowners with the nuances of filing an appeal and completing the process of successfully winning a tax appeal in court.

According to a spokesperson for Sungate Productions LLC, “We recognize the frustration of being over-assessed for property taxes and the challenges involved in appealing an erroneous assessment. Our residential property tax consulting course is designed to help anyone enter into the world professional tax consulting by including tips, tricks and reliable content that frames a tax appeal using the right comparables, sound arguments, and appropriate adjustments.”

Sungate Productions LLC is headquartered in New Jersey and has launched this course through its proprietary property tax consultancy kit. The kit covers regular and off-season NJ residential property tax appeals and adjustments, the presentation of counter-claims, and the legal process involved in the remediation of over taxation. The focus of the course is to help potential tax consultants file an acceptable appeal with a high chance of success and create a sustainable income stream as a full-time or part-time tax consultant.

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