New Jersey Legal Fireworks Fourth Of July Diwali Pyrotechnics For Sale Announced

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Intergalactic Fireworks has launched and online store selling fireworks and other pyrotechnic products. The company also offers professional firework display services for special events.

Intergalactic Fireworks has launched a New Jersey retail location selling fireworks and other pyrotechnics for special events including Fourth of July, Diwali, New Years Eve and much more. The site includes a complete guide on the state laws for purchasing fireworks year round and customers are urged to read through the regulations to find out wether or not they need a permit to purchase and to display fireworks.

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For those wondering if fireworks are legal in New Jersey, they are. Intergalactic Fireworks offers options to buy legal fireworks in New Jersey all year round. They also offer firework display services for events including birthday parties, weddings, corporate gatherings, or any other special events customers might have in mind. The pyrotechnic team at Intergalactic Fireworks will first visit the event site to establish if it can accommodate a fireworks show and then will work with the facility and local officials to organize all the necessary details such as permits and insurance.

Their events team specializes in weddings and can offer professional fireworks and pyrotechnic shows to add a special flare to the couple’s special day. The team will work with the wedding organizers to ensure the displays are worked around their budget.

The company’s website provides a full array of all firework products including: 500 gram fountains, ground spinner, wheels, fountains, sparklers, sky lanterns, gender reveal fireworks, wedding sparklers, novelties, snaps, smoke balls, smoke tubes, confetti cannons, and other party goods. The website also has 500 gram aerial repeaters, helicopters, rockets, artillery shells, roman candles, firecrackers, and more.

Fireworks are available for sale from leading brands such as Planet X, Hardcore Pyro, Zombie Brand, Nuclear Power, Pink Elephant, and Bollywood Fireworks. They also carry a whole line of other pemium fireworks brands including: Dominator, Black Cat, Brothers, Boomer, Cutting Edge, Magnus, World Class, Red Rhino, Texas Outlaw, Hogwild, Top Gun, Iron Man, T-Sky, Showtime, Powerblast, Miracle, Boom Wow, Raccoon, Winda, Supreme, Vangaurd, and Mad Ox Fireworks.

Customers are urged to be aware of their local laws regarding the purchase and use of firework products. Interested parties can find more information and can purchase fireworks online via the link above or visit an intergalactic fireworks store in either Pennsylvania or New Jersey.

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