New Jersey Grease Trap Repair Maintenance & Restoration Services Launched

Chapelwood Sewer Surgeons, a Newton, New Jersey grease trap repair company, updated its services to include the latest polyurea coating for faster, more convenient grease trap restoration. The company provides same-day interventions and grease trap restoration in New Jersey, New York and surrounding areas.

Chapelwood Sewer Surgeons, a Newton, New Jersey grease trap repair company available at 973-579-3322, updated its range of services to include the latest, patented and exclusive polyurea coating technology for faster, more convenient grease trap restoration.

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Grease is a potential threat to the health of restaurant and kitchen employees, and by forming clogs in the sewage system it can cause unwanted financial and time losses. It is for such reasons that many state regulations require different types of grease traps in restaurants, hospitals, hotels, schools and other business or industrial buildings.

The main problem restaurant and other business owners are faced with is replacing a grease trap once it has reached its usage limit, often only 7 to 15 years. Traditional replacement can be considerably expensive, depending on the size of the initial grease trap, and the installation time can be quite long, thus reducing business services during intervention times.

Chapelwood Sewer Surgeons offer an alternative method of restoring grease traps to as-new conditions without actually replacing the initial grease trap. By using specially designed patented blends of polyurea resin coatings, the company provides business owners with immediate intervention and quick restoration, so that the grease trap is often back in use in the same day.

As the only licensed and certified grease trap restoration coating company on the East Coast, Chapelwood Sewer Surgeons strives to offer the fastest and most competitive grease trap repair and restoration services for clients in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, Maryland and surrounding areas.

The company works with licensed, certified and insured professional employees, in an effort to provide timely intervention and restoration. After the grease tank is emptied by each client’s grease removal company, the experts at Chapelwood Sewer Surgeons clean and prepare the surface, replace missing components and patch any holes, then apply a patented polyurea coating. The drying time for the surface is approximately four hours, after which the grease trap can be used again.

All interventions come with a ten-year warranty.

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