New Jersey Ensures Personal Injury Protection for Undocumented Citizens

Undocumented citizens in New Jersey have the right to pursue a personal injury claim to recover money damages if they are a victim of someone’s negligence.

Regardless of one’s immigration status, an undocumented citizen has the right to pursue a personal injury claim to recover money damages if they are a victim of another person’s negligence.

On December 19, 2019, Governor Phil Murphy expanded undocumented citizens’ rights by allowing New Jersey residents to obtain driver’s licenses regardless of their immigration status beginning on January 1, 2021.

“Expanding access to driver’s licenses is critical for the safety of New Jerseyans and a step towards building a stronger and fairer New Jersey for all,” said Governor Murphy.

In granting 400,000 undocumented residents the opportunity to obtain driver’s licenses, the number of uninsured drivers will decrease on the roads and afford motorists peace of mind knowing that fellow drivers on the road have adequate insurance coverage.

By taking a major step towards a more fair and welcoming state for all of its residents, New Jersey is ensuring safer roads and more insured drivers on the roads. The new legislation dismantles another barrier hindering undocumented men and women trying to ensure financial security for their families and provides opportunities to their children unavailable to them before.

By gaining access to driver’s licenses, mothers and fathers will no longer need to rely primarily on public transportation or have to walk miles to get to work. Parents will be able to drive their children to their after-school activities or to the doctors should there be an emergency.

Other states that have implemented similar legislation have seen a positive impact for the workforce but have also seen a significant decrease in car insurance premiums and hit-and-run accidents.

Protecting the rights and needs of those most vulnerable particularly during these times sends a clear message of inclusion and that New Jersey values each and every one of its residents irrespective of their status.

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