New Jersey Clear Plastic Face Shield Anti Spit Protective Equipment Launched

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A company in New Jersey has launched a line of face shields aimed at industrial workers, healthcare professionals, and individuals looking to protect themselves from viral infection.

A New Jersey company has introduced a new line of disposable adult-sized face shields designed to protect the wearer from spits and sneezes that may carry viruses.

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UltimateDeals is offering consumers a safe and convenient way of protecting themselves from potential viral infections and other harmful particles through lightweight and transparent face shields that are comfortable to wear. According to the firm, this protective gear offers full protection from droplets, saliva, splash, oil, aerosols, dust, and small debris.

The company has made a 10-piece set of pre-assembled face shields available on Amazon for $17.77.

Specially designed for adults, UltimateDeals’s polycarbonate face shields can cover a large portion of the face, from the eyebrows to the chin. The added soft sponge padding provides extra support, and the elastic headband allows the wearer to make further adjustments for a better fit.

Each face shield comes with a protective film to prevent scratches on the transparent surface. In addition, the shield area itself is treated with an anti-fog and anti-static coating, which helps improve visibility.

While ideal for one-time use, these face shields can be reused over a long period as they are easy to clean with antibacterial wipes, according to the firm.

This equipment has a number of industrial and healthcare uses. For one, it can be worn as part of personal protection equipment for nurses, physicians, dentists, and laboratory personnel.

Face shields can also be used as protective equipment by contractors, handymen, painters, or any person who needs to cover their face while handling potentially hazardous chemicals.

Moreover, the product can also be worn over facemasks by individuals looking to protect themselves from crowds while heading outside. It can be used for a variety of daily activities like going to the grocery, dining in a restaurant, and jogging, among others.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration had stated that face shields are meant to protect the entire face from flying fragments and particles. The agency recommends using it in tandem with spectacles or goggles for additional protection.

Full details about the safety benefits of this equipment can be found at the URL above.

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