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Brooklyn Bridge Partners, a real estate agency and investor group based in Brooklyn, New York, announced a service expansion. The agency now offers real estate expertise and property acquisition for clients in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Westchester County and New Jersey areas.

Brooklyn Bridge Partners, a real estate agency and investor group based in Brooklyn, New York, announced an expansion of its services into New Jersey.

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The rapid growth of online real estate services means that fewer people are consulting professional real estate agencies for investing into property or selling their own. However, the advantages of working with a professional real estate agent far outweigh the costs associated with contracting such services.

With distressed properties in particular, professional real estate services can make the difference between selling a property fast or watching its value plummet as it spends months on the market without any potential buyer showing any interest.

Buying distressed properties, on the other hand, can be a potential investment if done reasonably, as the repair costs and reselling values for some properties are within acceptable ranges when compared to the total cost of a similar new house.

Brooklyn Bridge Partners is a real estate agency and investment group specializing in residential properties in a variety of conditions. It recently expanded its services, now offering professional real estate expertise to clients in Brooklyn, Manhattan, West New York, Westchester County, and New Jersey.

The agency is interested in investing in properties in the above-mentioned areas, and works on a cash-only policy. The company offers no-obligation consultations to homeowners looking to sell their properties, and provides fair, market-based cost estimates and initial offers. Brooklyn Bridge Partners offers a variety of real estate services, including loan refinancing, release of mortgage, loan repayment and others.

The real estate agency also helps interested investors buy properties in the New York and New Jersey areas. Brooklyn Bridge Partners constantly updates its portfolio to include the latest properties, and provides complete real estate consultations for buyers looking to invest in residential real estate.

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