New Jersey Appliance Expert: GE Appliance-Google Cloud Deal Great for Consumers

Southern New Jersey appliance expert Scot Saks, VP of Art Handler’s Appliance Center, hails the recently-announced partnership between GE Appliances and Google Cloud to “build innovative technologies to elevate the consumer experience in the kitchen and in homes,” as great for consumers.

Get ready for the future of smart appliances. GE Appliances announced last month that it has formed a multi-year partnership with Google Cloud to “build innovative technologies to elevate the consumer experience in the kitchen and in homes,” according to a news release. The announcement was greeted with enthusiasm from Scot Saks, Vice President of leading southern New Jersey appliance retailer Art Handler’s Appliance Center, who hailed the partnership as “great for consumers.”

GE Appliances, the fastest-growing appliance manufacturer in the United States, chose to partner with global tech leader Google Cloud for its expertise in analytics, data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to co-innovate the next generation of smart appliances through every phase of development from conceptualization to the manufacturing line.

GE Appliances also benefits from the integration between Google Cloud, Google Assistant, and Google’s mobile operating system, Android. The mobile operating system market is dominated by Android, which enjoys a nearly 73% share, compared to Apple’s iOs, which has a 26% market share. While the virtual assistant market is controlled by Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri are close behind, and the gap is narrowing as the number of smart devices that use voice assistant technology expands beyond smart speakers.

“Refrigerators will still keep food cold and dishwashers will still clean your dishes, but what’s exciting is how we are beginning to communicate with them,” said Scot Saks, Vice President of Art Handler’s Appliance Center in Pleasantville, NJ. “GE Appliances is partnering with Google Cloud to do what other appliance manufacturers are trying to do. That’s using artificial intelligence and machine learning to produce appliances that will execute tasks when prompted by voice or smartphone commands and, in some cases, even anticipate our needs.”

The adoption of smart appliances is increasing, according to a recent Parks Associates report, with adoption at 13% of U.S. broadband households. Meanwhile, the percentage of U.S. broadband households owning three or more smart home devices, a much broader category of smart home devices, has increased from 14% in 2018 to 23% at the end of 2020. That’s an impressive 64% growth in adoption in just two years.

“Google Cloud will also support GEA in enhancing its AI-enabled intelligent product platform, which provides appliance owners with personalized features, insights, and energy-saving recommendations,” according to the GE Appliances press release. “For commercial customers, the platform will help manage fleets of appliances, decrease unplanned downtime, extend product life, and ultimately reduce their total cost of ownership.”

The GE Appliances website features a Smart Appliances page ( that touts the benefits. “You may never need to shop for detergent again. Our smart dishwashers and washers automatically reorder when low. With our refrigerators with built-in Keurig®, you can make your favorite coffee drinks at home. And you’ll get push notifications when your water filters need to be replaced.” Those features only scratch the surface of what is possible as the GE Appliances/Google Cloud partnership ramps up.

“Our customers love the advances in the smart technology being incorporated into appliance design, and they have made it clear that they yearn for more advancements,” says Saks. “When our appliances can remember when and how we like our coffee, and we can control the oven or microwave from our phones, it may seem like something straight out of the Jetsons. But before you know it, we’ll look back and wonder how we lived without these smart appliances.”

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