New iPhone 6 Case 4.7 For iPhone 6 Goes On Sale 6/15/2015

RapidMobileWireless announced the availability of their new iPhone 6 Case 4.7 beginning 6/15/2015.

Just like smartphones have changed and become more advanced with time, so have smartphone cases. In this spirit RapidMobileWireless recently announced the release of their new Apple iPhone 6 Case 4.7 which unlike snap on cases, provides complete protection from all directions and even has a soft interior to absorb shocks from falls.

June 15, 2015 A smartphone can be a decent sized investment, and certainly not something a person wants to see dropped and damaged. Sadly, while old cases could be somewhat effective, if a device fell at the wrong angle damage could still be a very real possibilitiy. Recently, smartphone accessory company RapidMobileWireless announced the launched of an innovative product that offers a solution to this problem, the RapidMobileWireless Apple iPhone 6 Case 4.7.

The new smartphone case steps away from snap on cases to provide full 360 degree protection, covering the iPhone 6 from all angles. The inside even features soft padding to help absorb the shock of any falls. “This is a product we feel very passionate about,” commented a spokesperson from RapidMobileWireless.

“There’s no longer any reason to not have an iPhone 6 fully protected. Our new case does the job much better than previous options.” According to the company, the case has cutouts for every port, button and camera making the iPhone 6 totally functional even when protected. It comes in two colors, stylish black and pink both of which stand out and add to the visual appeal of the phone.

The company is very happy to back each case sold with a lifetime 100% satisfaction guarantee. Customers can shop with full peace of mind. Early feedback for the product has been enthusiastic. Elaine M., from California, recently said, “I’m prone to drop my iPhone all the time so getting the best case possible is an absolute must for me. I recently picked up RapidMobileWireless’s Case 4.7 and it’s really awesome. Giving protection from all angles made me a believer, and the pink color matches my style. Five stars all the way.”

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