New Internet Marketing Course Ends Lead-Gen Struggle Among Small Business Owners

Recently released free course barrages small business owners with customers, sales and quality leads without spending a fortune on advertising or hiring expensive consultants, simply and easily!

For small business owners and entrepreneurs looking to generate more sales, customers and exclusive leads without spending a fortune on advertising or hiring expensive consultants, the K|E Marketing Group is offering free training sessions, daily.

The training will be held via webinar and will take approximately 40 minutes.

For full details, interested parties are encouraged to view the website at

Areas of focus include: Attracting Your Ideal Clients, Leveraging the 7-Step Business Growth System to Increasing Revenues, and Techniques to Dominating Your Industry and Competitors.

Purpose of this training: To equip small business owners and entrepreneurs with simple, yet, effective business growth strategies that will exponentially increase revenues, build brand awareness, and grow customer-retention rates.

Why this training:Today’s small business owners currently face uncertain economic conditions and a highly-competitive marketplace that forces them be at the mercy of costly search-engine marketing and social media tactics, overly-priced marketing consultants, and complicated search-engine algorithms.

As a result, the majority of business owners do not know which direction to take, nor have time to determine the best course of action to get the results they want. As a result, they rely on the promises of marketing experts to bring in more business. Unfortunately, this requires an upfront investment before results are received.

This exclusive training returns the financial power back to small business owners–to help them generate as much business as desired–despite operational demands and schedule constraints.

When asked about the reasons behind the decision to provide special training on such an in-demand topic, Ellard Thomas, MBA, VP of Marketing, K|E Marketing Group, said,

“Our chief aim is to help small business owners with becoming the most-desired and ideal “go-to company” in their market. We do this by demystifying lead generation, developing strategic partnerships, and educating our clients on the best strategies for attracting their ideal clients, increasing profitability, and ensuring operational continuity…”

“Many marketing practices and advertising tactics are budget-straining and, sadly, impedes most small businesses from ever devising and implementing more effective customer-acquisition and lead-generation solutions. Something has to change, and our high-impact training is definitely what business owners need to grow their companies today and well into the future!”

For a limited time only. small business owners and entrepreneurs, who desire to generate more sales, customers and qualified leads for their company, can register for this private course instantly by registering here!

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