New instructive piano stickers for keys by Tempi

Educational piano stickers focused on kids

Very innovative and educational piano stickers for beginners

Most of the piano beginners agree that one of the hardest things at the time that one is getting to know the piano consists in the notes recognition in the pentagram as well throughout this beautiful instrument. Always it takes a very long time for most of the people to get used to reading the notes on the pentagram while at the same time having to determine what are the keys that one has to be playing throughout the piano. This is an exercise in which the learner is developing a incredible brain capability and an excellent memory.

To speed up the learning process for these beginners, Tempi has released the new sensational piano stickers for keys, so that they can ease the way to memorize the notes in the piano as well as within the pentagram. These piano stickers for keys have demonstrated that can innovate and most likely change the traditional form that the musicians are accostumed to learn with, including those who are starting to have a professional music education.

Focused primarily on kids, these piano stickers for keys provide the children with a didactic and entretaining way to begin learning with joy the first scales and the principal intervals. These piano stickers for keys fit on every keyboard or piano, they are very easy to apply, and also they are easy take off in case it is needed. This product includes two sheets of stickers and also comes along with simple paper instructions, application stick, and in addition to that, it also includes an e-book to give the users a useful and excellent experience using the stickers!

Tempi is a company dedicated to hel music lovers, beginners, and musicians to achieve success. Always providing an amazing customer service, it’s always an excellent option for musicians to pick. Always offering elegant and superior products to hel musicians to build up a successful career.

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