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New Inspiration Holidays for 2021 announced by featuring new daily fun holidays that celebrate and honor the people, stories and moments that inspire and create positive change.

HolidaySmart has just released the Inspiration Holidays List for 2021. This list features new daily fun holidays designated to celebrate days honoring the people, stories and moments in our society that inspire others and have been a source of positive change.

HolidaySmart has been a source for all of those daily fun and awareness holidays for over 20 years. CEO Patti Jewel has created and listed hundreds of daily holidays that are celebrated both nationally and internationally. Everyone loves to talk about the daily fun holidays and trending holidays at work, on social media, and in their daily lives.

With so many daily holidays being added to the calendar every year, Patti Jewel wanted to add days that honored people in a way that was not directly just their name holiday, but a holiday celebrating their inspiration to others. Inspiration Holidays was born.

Being an Inspiration is the ability to move someone, either through intellect or emotions, that makes someone want to take action, do something or create something. Inspirational people are a force in our society that changes the world in various ways. Inspirational stories and moments can change lives.

CEO Patti Jewel states, “In order to celebrate their inspiration, Inspiration Holidays aims to honor the influence of people and stories and celebrate the passions they ignite in others.” Being highly influenced herself by the people on this years list, she is dedicated to paying it forward.

HolidaySmart’s mission is to “Unite the World through Holidays” as it is their belief that nothing brings people together in a unified spirit as holidays do. Whether it is a religious holiday, a national holiday or a fun daily holiday, people come together to celebrate and share.

The days are chosen and voted on by the HolidaySmart Mastermind Group’s Voting Board Members. Days are presented by followers and group members and narrowed down to a select few each year. This year, HolidaySmart is introducing nine new Inspiration Holidays to celebrate.

This year, the inspiration Holidays feature days such as Live Laugh Love Day, Minority Entrepreneur Day, Decide Day, Dunk Day, Keep Moving Forward Day, Give 100 Day, Live Your Passion Day, Stronger Together Day and Filmmaker Day.

These holidays are most commonly celebrated on the birthday of the person who inspired it, or on the release date or event that inspired the day. Each day is a day to celebrate and be inspired.

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