New innovative Cryptocurrency Content Reward & Promotion App MEDIA Protocol

MEDIA Protocol announced the launch of CryptoCatnip, the first application to use the new blockchain-based decentralized content distribution system.

MEDIA Protocol, an innovative blockchain-based technology allowing a decentralized media content economy, announced the launch of CryptoCatnip, the first app to use the new protocol. The app allows users to receive MEDIA tokens for reading crypto news content, while offering content creators and media agencies an efficient way to promote their content and incentivize consumers for reading, liking and sharing.

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CryptoCatnip is the first app to incorporate the innovative MEDIA Protocol, contributing to higher transparency and a more ethical approach to the relationship between content creators and consumers. It allows users to read the latest news on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and receive rewards for their activity in the form of MEDIA tokens.

By using the MEDIA Protocol, the new app allows both content creators and consumers to reap the benefits of a decentralized blockchain-based platform. Users can be rewarded for reading their favorite content, and media creators can offers incentives to promote their latest news.

The app launch is the first step in the large scale implementation of MEDIA Protocol. The blockchain-based technology aims to introduce increased transparency in the market of media content and respond to all actors’ increased need for control.

The innovative blockchain technology will allow direct exchanges and interactions between publishers and consumers, thus eliminating the need for large media corporations and distribution platforms to act as intermediaries. Consumers will be able to use MEDIA tokens to reward favorite content creators or access paywalled content, while publishers will develop incentivization campaigns to promote their content.

A spokesperson for the company said: “With MEDIA Protocol, there are no clandestine algorithms, intermediated relationships or centralized data hoarders. MEDIA Protocol reciprocally incentivizes the creation, distribution and consumption of content, with each actor possessing a greater degree of control and insight.”

Interested parties can find a detailed roadmap, the official MEDIA Protocol whitepaper and other information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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