New Infographic Targets Common Mistakes When Singing High Notes

New and aspiring singers who are looking for information to improve their singing in high registers can visit a website to view an infographic titled “Five Most Common Mistakes When Singing High Notes”.

How to Improve Singing with Katarina is a website for aspiring singers, which regularly publishes up-to-date and accurate informationabout vocal techniques. Their latest addition is an infographic that summarizesthe five most common mistakes singers make when singing high notes.

This free infographic is aimed at new singers who wish toimprove their vocal skills especially in upper registers. The infographic namesand describes five frequent errors that beginners make when attempting to reachhigh notes in their singing. The goal of the visual is to identify incorrectvocal techniques and habits that inhibit the development of efficient singing skills.The infographic can be found on the company’s website,

Some of the identified errors include:

Raising the larynx while singing high notes whichcontributes to tension in the vocal mechanism. The larynx should be relativelystable during singing.

Singing too loud is a common mistake among new singers who mistakenlyassociate the singing of high notes with screaming or shouting. Vocal power iscreated by an open throat and balanced resonance.

Lacking a proper warm-up routine can lead to vocal injuriesand poor vocal performance. Preparing for a vocal work-out is a must in asinger’s practice routine.

Katarina, the creator of the website How to Improve Singingwith Katarina said,

“Every new singer struggles with vocal techniques whentrying to access the upper register. It is a skill that requires practice andtime. Anyone can learn to sing high notes if they are motivated and dedicatedto the goal. The infographic is a visual guide to help identify potentialproblems in developing effective vocal skills.”

The infographic identifying common mistakes when singinghigh notes is available for free. New and aspiring singers wishing to improvetheir vocal skills are encouraged to share this information with others whofind the information useful. The infographic is a visual summarizinginformation from a blog post published earlier at

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