New Indian Movie and TV Show News Site TVbb Extends News Coverage to Bollywood

TVbb have added a Bollywood section to their website to keep visitors entertained. Visitors can now get news and updates about upcoming Bollywood movies and TV shows, including trailers and release dates of popular Hindi movies.

TVbb, a new movie and TV show website in India, have extended their news coverage to Bollywood. Since the advent of the website, visitors have been requesting access to media items, news, and updates from Bollywood, the prominent source of the best movies and TV shows in India. Due to the growing demand for Bollywood updates, TVbb have decided to make this available for their users and visitors.

Visitors to the website can now get the latest Bollywood movie updates, news, trailers of upcoming Bollywood movies, and their release dates. Movie lovers are actively seeking release dates of upcoming movies and movie trailers, and TVbb is no longer lacking in this area in terms of user satisfaction. They’ve been publishing articles and updates regarding 2017 Bollywood movies since a Bollywood section was added to their website.

The last two updates to the Bollywood section of TVbb include a movie based on a Naval officer, K. M. Nanavati, and promoted by Alia Bhatt. The highly entertaining movie begins with Alia Bhatt dancing to a popular Indian song, Tip Tip Barsa Paani. She then stops and exclaims, “Cut Cut Cut, why are you guys looking at me? Go and watch Rustom”. The movie, entitled Rustom, is based on a real life story.

The latest updates also include the biography of a famous Indian actor, Salman Khan, popular for his amazing stunts. The article includes information about his age, relationships, weight, actual name, legal cases, and virtually anything fans might be interested in about the Indian movie star, who is also a movie producer.

TVbb also publishes the latest news about other Indian movies and TV shows, not just Bollywood. Additionally, they provide visitors with the latest Indian celebrity news, gossip, and episode updates.

About TVbb: TVbb is a regularly updated Indian movies and TV shows website where individuals interested in Indian movies can get the latest news and updates on Hindi movies and TV shows.

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