New in Dental – Fix Your Teeth Traveling Abroad from Nurident Sofia Bulgaria

NuriDent has been founded by Dr. S.M. Nuri, who is recognized by the International Academy of Cortical Implantology and has a master’s degree in Basal Implantology from the IF Foundation of Knowledge.

Nurident is a dental clinic that offers high-quality treatments at affordable prices. With hotel, airplane, and interpreter services available to its clientele, Nurident caters to the needs of all travelers from abroad by offering an all-inclusive stay for those seeking treatment in Sofia’s elegant atmosphere.

There is a worldwide demand for dental care, and Bulgaria has become one of the top destinations for patients looking to get quality treatment at an affordable price. The country’s healthy balance between cost and quality makes it a great destination that can make all your teeth’ dreams come true.

High-Quality Reasonably Priced

Dental tourism in Bulgarian offers high-quality treatments with prices more than reasonable enough to suit any budget.

In addition, to recoup some money back from their home countries’ healthcare providers, health insurance holders can take advantage of medical reimbursement programs.

Dr. Nuri

Dr. Nuri is the founder of The Nurident Dental Clinic, which opened its doors in 2000 and has since been providing dental care for over 21 years with two different clinics to choose from – one specializing in immediate implants while the other offers specialized services such as therapeutic dentistry and orthodontics.

With these features, this clinic indeed lives up to its reputation by being amongst top-rated dental clinics not just today but ever since it was founded decades ago under Dr.Nuri’s leadership.

Services Provided During the Stay in Sofia;

Proposal for the hotel reservations

Airport welcoming and transfer to the hotel

Transfer from the hotel to the clinic on the day of manipulation

Interpretation at any time at the clinic, In Bulgarian, French, English, Italian, Greek, Arabic, And Persian.

Despite their extremely high quality, the “implant dentaire tarif” offered by the clinic remains one of the most best and affordable in the area.

Not only that, but they have set their “prix implant dentaire” at a rate that is much more attractive to patients compared to what they would find in their home countries.

The Clinic Experience

On the first day, the patient will be given a thorough, detailed examination with the dental practitioner on their first visit.

They’ll discuss and sign consent forms for any treatments needed based on x-rays or 3D scans of teeth that are damaged from tooth decay (cavities). The cardiologist or surgeon may prescribe premedication before surgery if necessary to ensure safety during the procedure.

Before treatment starts, they need to prepare themselves by ensuring no food in their mouth that could interfere with medical equipment; this also includes brushing out plaque at least an hour beforehand not to affect blood sugar levels either way.

For implants, patients should make sure all cavities have been filled prior, as pulling them without doing so can lead to infection later down the line.

On the second day, the clinic will have an opportunity to see what the patient’s teeth will look like. It can choose the shape and size of each tooth in real-time with a 3D model, as well as make sure it fits securely in the mouth.

On this day, the Doctor will know whether or not future dental work is necessary. The patient can experience a new smile in just three days.

On day three, with approval from both parties- the client will get to see their teeth that are fixed for good, and can now leave with a new smile.

In three days, Nurident assures the best smile possible–including teeth whitening.

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