New How to Reverse Age Course with Deepak Chopra Announced by Natural Remedies Sherpa

Today Natural Remedies Sherpa announced plans to offer a special course on how to reverse age, reduce stress and increase energy. The course will be taught by alternative medicine guru and thought leader Deepak Chopra.

/PressCable/ — How to reverse age has been a question asked by thousands of people since before Cleopatra. Natural Remedies Sherpa, a site that shares natural remedies, recipes, inspiration and information for people who seek alternatives to medicine announced they will be offering a new training program to provide those answers.

The course is a six part online series by alternative medicine guru Dr. Deepak Chopra in alliance with and Siminars Inc.

An overview of the training program can be seen at:

Review of Course on How to Reverse Age

The course will not only offer natural remedies to reverse aging but also guidance on how to improve mental alertness, restore vitality and strengthen both mind and body.

One of the missions of Natural Remedies Sherpa has been to help people understand the connection between the mind and the body and use their ability to restore themselves without feeding the body harsh chemicals and drugs.

People who stay on top of the latest top anti-aging products wonder if this could be a more permanent solution than beauty creams and potions because it deals with permenent change.

In the introduction to the course Dr. Chopra promises to show how to redefine age.

The course will include six sessions of training that is broken into mini-lessons to make it easy for the student to consume based on their own time table.

Course 1 will deal with changing perceptions and increasing awareness. The next sessions include lessons on boosting brainpower, training on the mind-body connection, and building healthy relationships that can relieve stress and anxiety.

In addition the course includes tips on nutrition and fitness strategies.

A review of Chopra training in this series, dubbed ‘Timeless You', indicates that this is not an average online course where the guru does all the talking while viewers sit idly by. Students of the course have opportunity to participate, ask questions and interact with other students taking the course.

Along with text and videos the training includes surveys to stimulate thinking, answers to questions posed by students and opportunity to share with others who are also taking the course.

Natural Remedies Sherpa guides people toward health through alternatives to medicine including natural remedies, healthy recipes, inspirational and motivational information for its readers.

“We see this as a natural extension of what we do to help keep people informed on natural solutions to health issues, how to reverse age being one of them” said Anne Bounds, an editor for the website. “We want to provide the tools and training people need to live a better, healthier and more fulfilling life and this Timeless You course certainly does provide that.”

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