New Homesteading and Gardening Business – Keen Steading – Launches

Keen Steading, a product review site focused on gardening and home steading must-have tools, has just been launched by Northern California 5-years-in homesteaders, Jess Black and her partner.

San Diego, CA – For those individuals worn out with the fast-paced and all-too-often unhealthy lifestyle that most in city and urban areas live, a new resource – Keen Steading – just launched that may be the way to a new life.

According to Jess Black, owner and editor of Keen Steading, she and her partner started homesteading “by accident” as they strove to be closer to nature. Now, 5 years later, they and their two children have expanded their homestead to have over 7 different types of animals and grow their own fruits and vegetables.

With a goal of staying close to nature while simultaneously avoiding the unhealthy foods and lifestyle made available by commercial America, Jess and her family have fallen in love with homesteading, harvesting and preparing their own foods, and subsequently developing into a tight-knit family unit.

Now, they are using their passion for and experiences in homesteading to launch Keen Steading, a practical resource to help other homesteaders or those considering homesteading. They want to inspire and help others start and grow their homesteads and enjoy a healthier, richer lifestyle.

They do this by researching, testing and writing reviews on a wide variety of gardening and homesteading tools so that other homesteaders have one easy place to find all they need to know about tools that could save them serious time and energy.

Examples of products that Keen Steading has reviewed so far are:

·        Garden hoses

·        Chainsaw sharpeners

·        Zero turn mowers

·        Leaf blowers

·        Cordless chainsaws

·        And a lot more

Anyone working a homestead will be able to turn to Keen Steading to find trustworthy information about the tools they need.

For Jess and her partner, it is all about sharing their experience with others looking for the same simple, happy and self-sufficient way of life.

By sharing their experiences and journey, their goal is to help others along the way, encouraging them and sharing the dos and don’ts that they have had to learn the hard way.

With this homesteading business and resource only just launched, and with plans for expansion, it will be interesting to see how Keen Steading grows and how many aspiring homesteaders receive the encouragement and help they need. 

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