New Historical Fiction TV Series Set in Coober Pedy by Author Dr Phil Salonikis

Growing up in Coober Pedy in the 1960’s had its challenges for a young Greek boy. Author Dr Phil Salonikis has used his experiences as the basis for a controversial television series about the “Stolen Generations.”

Ex-Coober Pedy local, Dr Phil Salonikis has written a thrilling TV series named, “Coober Pedy Town”, a historical fiction/murder mystery set in the opal mining town from an event in 1965 involving three young children, resurfacing 25 and 55 years later.

This is the first TV series Dr Salonikis has authored, along with his various manuscripts, screenplays and other TV projects. The series was written from his unique life experiences growing up in Coober Pedy in the 1960’s, creating excitement for its potential to view some of Australia’s notorious history from a vastly different perspective.

It explores complex racial issues between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal culture, all in the backdrop of a multicultural mining town in the outback during the pioneering days of the 1960’s. It was in this period that the town was inundated with hard, tough, men, women and children of different nationalities; pioneers eking out an existence in the harshest of environments.

It is, in essence, the story of one Aboriginal woman’s journey towards redemption.

When asked about why he wrote the book, Dr Salonikis said: “This story needs to be told. Even though I’m not indigenous, I want to tell it through the eyes of a young child who grew up with the stories shared by the local Aboriginal people.”

What the Indigenous population must have thought of the ethnic invasion is open to opinion. With the white man, came a type of white man’s law. As well as the destructive effects of alcohol, disease and the introduction of different religions such as Catholicism.

Dr Salonikis hopes that the TV series can shed a different light on the history of the “Stolen Generations” and provide an opportunity for local Indigenous and non-Indigenous talent to tell the story. There is potential for subsequent seasons and other Australian content.

In a recent interview, the author made a point of thanking the support from the local and South Australian Indigenous communities during his endeavors of getting this seminal TV series produced.

Dr Salonikis has a background in philanthropy, medicine, psychiatry and the creative arts. He has also been recognized for his efforts towards equality and anti-discrimination. He has founded a charity named “Ludo Aequitas,” which is Latin for “Equality through Sport.” More information can be found at

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