New Himalayan Salt Lamps Are a Bright Heart Felt Gift

Useful Innovation has released a heart shaped Himalayan salt lamp, which is brightly lit and serves to improve indoor air quality organically.

With Father’s Day coming up sons and daughters ponder the best way in which to express their feelings towards their dads. They seek for a gift, which shows that they care and demonstrate they gave the tradition some serious thought, in terms of the usefulness and sentimental value of that gift. Gifts are sought after which give a bright festive appearance and hopefully serve a practice purpose.

Useful Innovation has released a heart shaped Himalayan salt lamp which is brightly lit and serves to improve air quality. The lamp releases a soft amber glow and can be turned much lower with the use of an included dimmer switch. The double heart shape makes the pink salt lamp appropriate as a sentimental or memorable gift. Available on Amazon at

When warmed by the heat from the 15 watt bulb, Himalayan salt lamps release negative ions into the air which help to remove dust, allergens, smoke, pollutants, and an overabundance of positive ions common to indoor air, due to their generation by a variety of electric devices including computers, televisions, copy machines, etc. Himalayan salt lamp produces negative ions by being hydroscopic and thus drawing water particles from the air. When the water molecules immediately evaporate from the warm salt, they are negatively charged. Warmer salt produces more ions. Larger proportions of negative ions in the air improve people’s feelings of wellbeing, similar to the effect caused by air near the ocean or other large body of water where negative ions are very high.

The Himalayan salt lamp weighs 6 to 7 pounds and is about 8x5x4 inches. Each piece is hand carved and, although they are all similar, each piece is a unique piece of art based on the hand work which was done and the colors of the mineral inclusion natural to the salt. They come in a decorative box with a six-foot UL approved cord and dimmer switch, a lamp holder which fits into the salt block, and an included 15 watt bulb. The lamp has a rectangular Neem wood base. The lamp is supplied with an online instruction manual, which explains how to operate, care for, and get the most out of the lamps performance. Available on Amazon at

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