New Hilton Head Wellness Center Aims to Help People Get Healthy in 2018

Delta Discovery Center, a new wellness center in Hilton Head, has just started providing holistic services in January to help people achieve their goal of starting the year right with their health. The center's membership program can be enjoyed by locals, part-time residents, and visitors.

Delta Discovery Center, a new wellness center based on Hilton Head Island, started providing holistic services in January, 2018, to help people execute and follow through with their New Year’s resolution of starting the year right with their health. The center, which is conveniently located at the north end of the island behind the Hilton Head Hospital, is focused on those who are suffering from stress and anxiety, which, co-founder Dr. Gala Gorman believes, is almost everyone.

According to Dr. Gorman, the feeling of stress and anxiety can rob anyone of the joy that life should hold. And although external stressors can be easily identified, there could also be internal stressors which are oftentimes hard to identify. These lurk beneath the surface and, even if someone has dealt with external stressors, can leave the person feeling like they’re missing something.

However, Dr. Gorman says that Delta Discovery Center has a solution for that. “We have developed several ways to help identify what’s ‘eating at you’ beneath the surface. Using a blend of coaching, counseling and technology, you’ll get the insight and help you need to restore joy and wellness … to live a full and fulfilling life.”

Delta Discovery Center offers exclusive memberships for those who want to experience the joy of having a full and fulfilling life in 2018 and beyond. The membership program provides discounts, bonuses and perks. It is a great deal whether someone is local, a visitor, or a part-time resident … what the center lovingly refers to as “snowbirds.”

Membership at the Delta Discovery Center is offered on a month-to-month basis, so those people who are not full-time residents on Hilton Head Island can enjoy the same perks as locals. There are plenty of ways to benefit from membership even without coming into the center so many will choose to continue their membership even after leaving the island.

Local members can enjoy regularly stopping by to take advantage of everything that the center offers. Services are offered by trained practitioners, including the two co-founders, Dr. Gala Gorman and Charlie Frangos, as well as other counselors, coaches, therapists, and technicians who are dedicated to helping people find their own path to healing.

Aside from excellent practitioners, Delta Discovery Center also offers classes, personal retreats, and treatments directed to specific conditions. Services are offered in a comfortable and friendly environment.

Visitors who stay on Hilton Head for just a few days can enjoy their Delta Discovery Center membership by making their trip a personal retreat. Since most Hilton Head vacationers want to get away from the stress of normal life, the center is a good place to look for a program to enjoy during their time away that will also help them develop tools to deal with their stress long after their vacation is over. According to Dr. Gorman, many clients take the center home with them by taking advantage of the programs and services that are offered virtually.

“At the Delta Discovery Center, we have programs and services that will support anyone whose New Year’s resolution is to shift to a healthier lifestyle. And, we could all use a little extra help!” concludes Dr. Gorman.

Those who are interested in taking advantage of the Delta Discovery Center’s services may apply for a membership at the Insider Membership Information page on the web site.

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