New Herniated Disk Treatment To Relieve Serious Back Pain Released

Get Information on Dr. Bradshaw’s Spinal Decompression System; an FDA APPROVED device that treats Herniated Discs without drugs, surgery, pain, or documented side effects! If you suffer from back pain schedule a consultation at the Leland, NC Chiropractor Office.

Over 20 years ago, NASA began to notice an unexpected result of space travel – Astronauts that left with back pain would come back without it.

After investigating this new phenomenon here’s what they found: During the anti-gravity state of the mission there were decompressive

forces on the inter-vertebral discs and back pain was relieved. How?

When you travel through space, the effects of gravity are removed and you are in a weightless state. All the pressure is taken off your spine and discs.

Even better – and this is the key — it seems as though a negative pressure is created.

It is believed, that this negative pressure actually sucks the herniated material back into the disc and allows it to heal thus eliminating or reducing pain.

Recent medical breakthroughs have led to the development of advanced technologies to reproduce the effects of anti-gravity space travel right here on earth!

Through the combination of proven scientific principles, the latest technological developments and the brilliant work of a specialized team of physicians and medical engineers — Triton, a medical manufacturing company, now offers this space age technology to the general public via licensed and trained doctors, in its spinal decompression equipment.

Spinal Decompression is FDA approved and has been clinically proven with an 80% success rate with the pain and symptoms associated with herniated and/or bulging discs… even after failed surgery. I have been using this technology in Southeastern North Carolina for 10 years and the results were amazing…..80% success rate with patients with the following problems:

Spinal Decompression Works For…

• Herniated and/or bulging discs (single or multiple)

• Sciatica Degenerative disc disease

• A relapse or failure following surgery

• Back pain

• Sciatica

• Degenerative disc disease

• Facet syndromes

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If you or someone you know is suffering from serious low back pain or sciatica, please give them this information. It could change their life for the better. For people who live near the Leland, NC Chiropractic office please call and schedule a consultation.

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