New Health Insurance Comparison Online Policy Quotation Launched

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East Greenville, PA-based insurance broker Health Signup launches its policy comparison tool, which allows prospective clients to get quotes from various insurers in one place.

Health Signup, an online insurance broker with headquarters in East Greenville, PA, announces the launch of its policy comparison platform. The new feature allows people to get quotes from various insurers in one place.

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The comparison feature was launched to help simplify the process of looking for insurance policies and to help clients find a plan that best suits their needs. Health Signup notes that the U.S. pays more for health insurance compared to other developed nations, thereby highlighting the need for a service that assists people in finding affordable policies.

This platform is especially geared towards individuals under the age of 65 years old, which is the largest demographic that needs health coverage. Health Signup can help clients find the most suitable policies in any state within the country.

Health Signup has made this feature available for free to everyone. Interested parties can find the policy comparison feature by visiting the insurance broker’s website.

To use the feature, prospective clients are required to answer a short survey that includes their personal details, contact information, and location. They will also be asked about their lifestyle and current insurance status to better determine which policy is ideal for them.

Upon submitting the form, inquirers will receive a call from Health Signup’s representative to discuss the recommended policies. The company works with leading national insurers including Cigna, Humana, UnitedHealthcare, and Aetna.

As an alternative, people may call Health Signup’s hotline at 661-407-2728 to talk to a licensed insurance agent about their needs. The consultation is free and callers are under no obligation to accept any health plan offered.

Aside from health insurance, Health Signup also offers a diversified suite of insurance plans, including term life and auto insurance policies.

A representative from the firm says: “Health insurance is crucial, but it’s not always affordable. This free comparison platform empowers consumers to find a plan that protects both their health and their finances.”

More information about Health Signup and its services is available through the URL above.

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