New Haven Bathtub Refinishing Company Say Remodeling Repair Cost Beats Replacing

When done professionally, refinishing a bathtub makes an old tub look like new again at a substantially lower cost than replacing with a new one. Bathtub Makeover Wizards make it easy for local homeowners to get in touch with one of their approved contractors.

Founder, Graham Clark has announced that they are now offering their bathtub refinishing services in New Haven CT. Clark said “A feature of our service is that we don’t only concentrate on the larger cities such as New Haven. We also take care of smaller towns such as Milford, Stratford and Fairfield.”

Bathtub Makeover Wizards make it easy for local homeowners to get in touch with one of their approved contractors for a free no obligation quotation by phone or via their website. For homeowners who are not familiar with the process of refinishing bathtubs, Clark explains… “The old soiled / chipped tub is prepared for resurfacing with industrial strength cleaners before applying an epoxy based glaze. When done professionally, this makes an old bathtub look like new again and should last for another 7 – 10 years.”

The main benefits of tub resurfacing compared to replacement are:

* Saving Money – The cost of reglazing a bathtub is far more affordable than the cost of replacing the tub completely. This is mainly due to the fact that less labor is needed and there is no old bathtub to be removed.

* Fewer Disruptions – Reglazing a bathtub is done right in the bathroom and so homeowners don’t have to avoid using rest of the home while it’s being done. The resurfacing process is quick and normally completed in a single day.

* Home Improvement – A recently refinished bathtub not only adds value to a home, it also makes it a lot easier to sell one day.

Bathtub refinishing is a great way for homeowners to give their bathroom a makeover without having to outlay a lot of money. Many homeowners are unaware of the difference between tub refinishing, bathtub resurfacing and tub reglazing. There isn’t any difference as they all refer to the same process that gives a bathroom a fresh new look for homeowners on a limited budget.

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