New Hampshire Home Remodel Kitchen Design Renovation Award Nomination Announced

New England Custom Remodeling announces nomination for an award for a kitchen remodel in the NH Home Magazine. They collaborated with Denyne Designs and both companies are celebrating.

New England Custom Remodeling announced one of its recent kitchen remodel projects was nominated for an award in the New Hampshire Home Design Magazine. It was nominated for the Kitchen Design Renovation category. It was done in collaboration with famous designer Denyne Sanville of Denyne Designs.

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This award recognizes a kitchen whose design creates a beautiful and functional space in which the work space, storage, and traffic flow meet the homeowners’ needs. Renovated kitchens in several different styles are considered in each of the 12 different awards categories.

Some of the items that are graded include materials, hardware, mill work, fixtures, cabinetry, furnishings, and accessories. The use of materials such as wood, ceramic, granite, steel, tile, glass and how they are used both functionally and aesthetically are also graded in consideration of the awards.

The collaboration of Denyne Designs to the New England Custom Remodeling team brought success to the teams of both companies. Denyne Sanville, working with New England Custom Remodeling received a nomination for the category, Excellence in Kitchen Design and Renovation.

The owner of New England Custom Remodeling, Kris Whitehead, recently said, “We are so honored to be pairing up with the phenomenal designer Denyne Sanville. Bringing this show-stopping kitchen that was nominated for both companies was truly excellent. Congratulations to Denyne and her team and cheers to more success in the future!”

The partnership with Denyne Designs brings an even higher level of quality to the New England Custom Remodeling brand. The two companies plan to collaborate on many future home remodeling projects.

New England Custom Remodeling is inviting anyone interested in a kitchen or other home remodeling projects to call to set up a no-cost consultation. The design team and detail-oriented project managers will produce a color 3D imagery to bring ideas to life.

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